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CCS Latin 1 P19

PreChapter 19Vocabulary Review

epistula letter
filia daughter
via road, way
annus year
cibus food
deus god
hortus garden
lectus bed
liberi children
imperium empire
oppidum town
peristylum indoor garden
vErum truth
nOx night
cor heart
tempus time
faciEs face
cuius whose
eam her (D.O.)
eius his/her
id quod that which
tibi to you
alius (an)other
alter (one), the other of 2
apertus open
certus certain, sure
crassus fat
exiguus tiny
formosus shapely, pretty
idem the same
malus bad
mortuus dead
solus alone
stultus stupid
omnis all, every
septendecim 17
amAre love
ambulAre walk
appellAre call, name
cogitAre think, use brain
dElectAre delight
exitAre arouse, awaken
exclAmAre exclaim, shout out
habitAre live
invocAre invoke, call on
laudAre praise
nOminAre name
occultAre hide
putAre think
salUtAre greet
stAre stand
vocAre call
iacEre lie down
ridEre laugh
sustinEre hold up
coniungere join
dicere say
dicitur is called
edere eat
intellegere understand
legere read
scribere write
aspicere look at
abesse be absent
erat he was
inquit says
ab by, from
adhUc still
apud with, near
autem but, however
enim for, because
ergO therefore
hodiE today
iam now
igitur therefore
iner between, among
ita so, thus, in this way
male badly
modo only
neque and...not
nOndum not yet, still now
post after, behind
prope(adv) nearly
postrEmO finally
praeter except, besides
procul far away
quam + adj. how ______
quamquam although
QuArE? Why?
quod because
semper always
simul together, at same time
sub under, below
statim immediately
tam...quam as....as
tunc then
ust as, like
Created by: CCSLatinOne