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Vegetarian 4 Dummies

Being Vegetarian for Dummies Questions

spelta wheat popular in Europe
pollo vegetarian avoids red meat and seafood, but not poultry
gluten the protein portion of wheat
seitan an Asian food made from wheat gluten
gerontology the study of human aging
osteomalacia lack of vitamin D causes bones to demineralize and soften
Listeria type of bacteria found on meats and in other animal products, can cause severe illness or death
rickets disease that causes deformity of the bones and is prevailent in children who do not have access to adequate amounts of vitamin D
pesco vegetarian avoids red meat and poultry but not seafood
lacto vegetarian avoids meat, fish, poultry, and eggs but not dairy products
lacto ovo vegetarian avoids meat, fish, and poultry but not dairy products and eggs
Created by: saltnpepa