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History of Chiro #1

Part one of History of Chiropractic

Who was the founder of Heroic medicine? Benjamin Rush: The standard medicine of the first half of the 19th century. Used emetics, bloodletting, etc. "What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger.." George Washington was killed this way.
Who founded Botanical Medicine? Samuel Thompson & Eclectics. Came from Native Americans using herbs and still used today.
Who founded Homeopathy? Samuel Hahnemann: Came from Germany. Law of similars and the more dilute the remedy, the more powerful the effect.
Who founded Mesmerism? Franz Mesmer: All living things have a vital force called "animal magnetism" that can be transfered.
Who founded Allopathy? Samuel Hahnemann: The practice of medicine.
DD Palmer Theory #1 Disease is inflammation. Displacement of anatomical structure was the cause of inflammation and "dis-ease". By placing them in their rightful positions, inflammation goes and dis-ease goes away. MECHANISTIC
DD Palmer Theory #2 The body is heat by nerves and not by blood. Interest in osseous pressure on nerves. Adopts use of subluxation to refer to chiropractic lesion. Starts writing about innate intelligence, universal intelligence. Returns to VITALISM
DD Palmer Theory #3 Nerves may be IMPINGED upon by misaligned joints; nerves become taught or slack, altering vibrational messages; taut nerves deliver to much nerve impulse and causing inflammation. Slack nerves cause "under functioning" and cold, hard tumors
DD Palmer Final Theory Subluxated vertebra do not narrow IVF's but rather impinge nerves, subluxations alter tension in nerves, altering vibrational frequencies. Innate intelligence's messages to end organs are altered by subluxations.
DD Palmer Final Theory about subluxations? Subluxations are caused by Toxins, Trauma, and auto-suggestion. Disease producing subluxations can occur in any joint but especially in the SPINE and FEET.
What is the difference between Chiropractic & Osteopathy? Chiropractis is manipulation to avoid friction and inflammation. This is a quick, segment specific adjustment. Osteopathy is about the brain being a pharmacopeia. Manipulation to keep the channel open using slower long lever moves.
Who founded Naprapathy? Oakley Smith: manipulative therapy that focuses on neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.
What was the first textbook on Chiropractic called? Who wrote it? Modernized Chiropractic by Oakley Smith, Minora Paxson, Solon Langworthy
What was the jailed chiropractors motto? "Keep Smiling!"
What was the official UCA newsletter? "The Chiropractor" UCA became the Chiropractic Health Bureau then became ICA.
What was the WOC? World of Chiropractic and had the first radio station west of the Mississippi river. Became western relay of the newly formed National Broadcasting Company. (NBC)
What was the Electroencephaloneuromentipograph? Forerunner of todays EEG. BJ used it to study innate intelligence's mental impulses.
What is the Neurocalometer and who invented it? NCM was invented by Dossa Evins BJ's most remembered device. Divided the mixers (rejected) and straight chiropractors.
What is the 33 principles of chiropractic, No 1 The chiropractic meaning of life: The expression of this intelligence through matter is the chiropractic meaning of life...
What is the 33 principles of chiropractic, No 6? The principle of time: There is no process that does not require time...
What is the 33 principles of chiropractic, No 20 A "living thing" has an inborn intelligence within its body, called innate intelligence.
What is the 33 principles of chiropractic, No 31 Interference with transmissions in the body is always directly or indirectly due to subluxations in the spinal column
What is the Flexner Report? Abraham Flexner: increased admission standards. 2 years anatomy and physiology 2 years clinical work in a teaching hospital State permission to open schools
What was The New Zealand Report? The commission has found it established beyond any resonable degree of doubt that chiropractors have a more thorough training in spinal mechanics and spinal manipulative therapy than any other health professional.
When and where did the Palmer School of Magnetic Cure get established? 1897: (PSMC)Established by DD Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. Later know as PSC
Who established the Americana School of Chiropractic (ASC) Solon Langworthy in Cedar Rapids, IA. First organized curriculum First textbook First published use of term subluxation in publication, "The Backbone" by Solon Solon tried to pass the first statute in Minnesota but tDD intervened and it was vetoed.
What kind of techniques did ASC teach? Non-adjustive techniques (traction) and nature cure methods. School of original "mixers" and gave no credit to DD for chiropractic's discovery.
Who established the National School of Chiropractic (NSC)? John Howard: School moved to Chicago for greater access to patients, students, and adavers. Renamed National College of Chiropractic in 1920 and offered diploma in Chiropractic and Physiological Therapeutics.
What was the first school to gain accreditation? NSC through New York Education Department in 1971
Who established the Carver-Denny Kiro-Practic College and Infirmary (CDKCI)? Willard Carver and LL Denny in OKC
Who established the Palmer-Gregory College of Chiropractic (PGCCC)? DD Palmer and Alva Gregory to rival CDKCI in OKC.
Who established the Ratledge System of Chiropractic Schools? Now CCC-LA. Started by T.F. Ratledge in LA. DD taught there early on before it became CCC-LA.
Who established the Lincoln Chiropractic College? Firth, Vedder, Burich, and Hendricks in Indianapolis in 1926. First straight chiro college. Merged with National College of Chiropractic in 1970
What college was the first non-profit chiropractic college? CCC opened by Carl Cleveland and co-founded by Perl Griffin and Ruth in KC,MO. CPR
Who founded the Universal Chiropractors' Association? First real chiro assoc founded by BJ. It was to provide legal services for DC's who were arrested as unlicensed practitioners.
Who founded the American Chiropractic Association (ACA)? Established in 1922 and still exists today. It was an alternative to Palmer's UCA.
Who founded the Chiropractic Health Bureau? Today's ICA. Organized by BJ and Carl Cleveland. Cut out of merger and back-doored by ACA/CCE.
What is the Associated Chiropractic Colleges of American (ACCA)? Organized in 1938. Reorganized in 1940 as the Allied Chiropractic Educational Institutions (ACEI) with BJ on board. Opposed NCA's accreditation program.
Who founded the Allied Chiropractic Educational Institutions (ACEI)? Leadership of Carl Cleveland and T.F. Ratledge in 1939. Counter the NCA's accreditation standards. Opposed for another 30 years.
What is the Council of Medical Education and Hospitals (CMEH)? Created by AMA as part of medical reform. Issues highly negative report of Americana chiropractic colleges.
Who led the Committee on Educational Standards? John Nugent, the "antichrist of chiropractic"
When did the National Accrediting Agency get recognized? 1974 when ACA split and became bitter rivals of ACC.
Who made the accreditation list to support mergers? NCA made list to support mergers of geographically related, for-profit schools into larger non-profit schools. 1930's tried to change the standards for chiro colleges.
Who founded the Committee on Education? C.O. Watkins introduced the bill to form this committee.
What statement did the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB)? October 1, 1975 that all applicants for chiro licenses would have to graduate from a CCE accredited chiro college.
What committee did the AMA create to oppose Chiropractic? The Committee on Quackery. Formed to contain and eliminate chiro. Creates policy statement to ban professional relations with chiro via referrals, hospital accred. and privileges, etc.
What is Standard X? The Joint Committee on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH) enacted Standard X which effectively extended the ban on chiro to encompass all medical physicians including those not in medical societies.
Who is Benjamin Rush, MD? Champion of heroic medicine.
Who is Samuel Thompson? Herbalist and advocated botanical alternative
Who is Samuel Hahnemann, MD? Founder of Homeopathy; coined allopathy
Who is Franz Mesmer, MD? Vienna physician who proposed mesmerism or magnet healing.
What careers did DD Palmer do? School master in Iowa and Illinois. Farmer - fruit trees, raspberries Grocery business Magnetic healing etc, etc
Who is A.T. Still, MD? Founder of Osteopathy
Who are the Mayo Brothers? Mayo Clinic in Minnnesota. Called quacks for cutting into abdomen for an appendectomy
Who is Andrew Davis, MD, DC? Homeopath; one of Still's first students. Rival of DD and gets beaten by DD in the first annual Battle of the Beards...
Who is Paul Caster? Magnetic healer in Ottumwa, Iowa who interested DD Palmer
Who is Harvey Lillard? First adjustment on him by DD. Restored hearing.
Who is Rev. Samuel H. Weed? Helps DD coin the term chiropractic selected from two greek words, cheir and praxis. Means when combined done by hand.
Who is Dr. Jim Atkinson? Supposed spiritual entity that DD claimed to have communicated with in regards to the beginning ideals of chiropractic. A name that DD gave credit to.
Who is Merwyn Zarbuck? World's foremost expert on DD Palmer; thinks 4th wife, Villa, was spiritual medium
Who is Minora Paxson, DC? Original "mixer". First licensed chiropractor. Employed by Langworthy as chair of obstetrics and gynecology as ASC.
Who is Oakley Smith? Original "mixer". Opened ASC sustained chiropractic during the "lost years".
Who is John Howard, DC? Palmer graduate. Started NSC in the Ryan building in Davenport.
Who is Willard Carver? Attorney/chiropractor. Started school with LL Denny called CDKCI
Who is LL Denny? Started school with Willard Carver called CDKCI
Who is Alva Gregory, MD, DC? Started PGCC with DD in OKC
Who is T.F. Ratledge, DC? Carver school graduate. Ratledge System of Chiropractic Schools; DD taught for him.
Who is Sylva Lula Burdick Ashworth, DC? Attended PSC and opened up a practice in Lincoln, NE. Held many important positions and roles in chiopractic. She said that DD tripped and fell instead of the rumor that BJ ran him down at the Lyceum Parade.
Who is Joy Loban, DC? Former philosopy instructor at the PSC. Bitter rival of BJ and accuses him of patricide. She was also the Dean of UCC in Pittsburgh
Who is Mabel Palmer, DC? BJ's wife known as the "sweetheart of PSC". Managed business side of college and authored a textbook.
Who are Johnson and Whipple? Two apprentice trained non-Palmer chiropractors who began a practice in WI until A.U. Jorris reported them to Board of Medical Examiners. Well known trial that DD spoke for them as long as they quit mixing ways
Who is A.U. Jorris, DO? Reported Johnson and Whipple
Who is Shegetaro Morikubo, DC? Educated in Japan, Buddhist and PhD in Philosophy. Spoke Japanese, English, and German. Graduated from PSC and lectured for BJ. Used as bait for first trial of UCA. Set up a practice in same building as A.U. Jorris.
Who is Tom Morris? Wisconsin senator and attorney that defended Morikubo. Tried over 3000 cases for DC's winning 75% Defended all chiro for UCA.
Who is Herb Reaver, DC? Ohio chiro jailed repeatedly and died in 2000 after 70 years of practice. Champion of civil rights and started a chiropractic college for black students
Who is Frank Margetts, DC? Attorney/chiropractor who serves as president of ACA and graduate of National College
Who is Elbert Hubbard? Well known writer that strongly influenced BJ. Harvard drop out and operator of Roycroft Printery and furniture factory in NY.
Who is James F. McGinnis, DC? makes an exposure (x-ray)
Who is Dossa Evins, DC? invents the neurocalometer. Synchronized radio signals between WOC in Davenport and WHO is Des Moines.
Who is Carl S. Cleveland, Sr, DC? Straight chiropractic leader Rejected NCM and BJ's claims surrounding it but remained political ally of BJ helping him organize the Chiro Health Bureau. (todays ICA) in 1926. Started his first practice with wife, Rose in Webster City, IA
Who are The Four Horseman? Consequence of the NCM, some core members of the PSC faculty resigned in protest.
Who is John Nugent, DC? Dubbed the "anti-Christ of chiropractic" by BJ. Abraham Flexner of Chiropractic.
Who is Abraham Flexner? Flexner Report and published in 1910 that revolutionized all aspects of medical education.
Who is Robert B. Throckmorton? Legal counsel of the Iowa Medical Society and later General Counsel of the AMA. Contributed to the "Iowa Plan".
Who is Ann Landers? Speaks out publicaly on chiro in a negative light. Had an AMA consultant and later proved in court.
Who is Rose Ruth Ashworth, DC? Married Carl Cleveland, Sr. Expert anatomy instructor.
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