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for miles english

metaphor comparrison between two different things.
simile comparrison between two different things using "like"or "as".
synecdoche when a group of words paints a picture of another word or object.
metonymy substitution of a suggested word for what is meant.
antanaclasis one word repeated twice but used differently both times.
paronomasia words used are alike in sound but different in meaning.
syllepsis a phrase used once but meant two ways.
personification giving inanimate objects human like qualities or abilities.
hyperbole exaggeration for heightened effect with some truth.
litotes purposeful use of an understatement.
rhetorical question asking a question bit not expecting an answer.
irony saying the opposite of what it meant. when the reader knows something the character doesn't. the character can't help what may happen known or not.
onomatapoeia use of a word whose sound is used when said.
oxymoron putting two contradicting words together.
paradox contradicting statement that contains some truth.
periphrasis substitution of a proper noun with words that describe it.
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