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Asthma Pharmaco.

Asthma Pharmacology Nursing

Asthma Pharmacology Flash Cards Nursing Review References Pharmacology for Nursing Care, Richard Lehne, c. 2010
What are the two classifications for main drugs to treat asthma anti-inflammatory agents and bronchodilators
Three advantages to asthma drugs 1. drug is delivered to site of action 2. minimal systemic effects 3. relief is rapid
What are the primary drugs used to treat asthma? glucocorticoids - anti-inflammatory beta2 agonists- anti-inflammatory
Name the three types of inhalers and the nursing implications. 1. MDI 2. Dry Powder 3. Nebulizer Implication: Demonstrate, verbalize, and provide literature for the use and schedule of medications
When these drugs are taken long term the drug can cause adrenal suppression and bone loss inhaled glucocorticoids
Measures to prevent bone loss in the use of oral/inhaled glucocorticoids use a low dose, take calcium and Vit. D, weight bearing exercise
What are 3 MOAs of glucocorticoids reduces/stops inflammatory mediators, decreases activity of inflammatory cells, decreases edema in airway ( decreasing mucous)
A patient complains of a white tongue and their voice is hoarse, what reaction could this be? A reaction to inhaled glucocorticoids, oropharyngeal candidiasis and dysphonia
How are mild adverse reactions to Inhaled glucocorticoids treated/prevented? tx: candidiasis with antifungal, prevent by gargling , use a spacer
The nurse questions giving oral glucocorticoids when systemic fungal infection/ a person receiving a live virus vaccine, why? Oral Glucocorticoids are contraindicated
Inhaled Glucocorticoids are contraindicated when a pt has persistent positive sputum for Candida albicans
A patient on long term glucocorticoid therapy is being prepared for survey, what needs to be done patient must given oral or IV glucocorticoid for stress ( trauma, surgery, infection)
What are primary goals for Acute Severe Exacerbation of Asthma? relieve airway obstructionand hypoxemia, normal lungs ASAP
What is therapy for Acute Severe Exacerbations? Oxygen,oral glucocorticoid , nebulizer -SABA, nebulizer- ipratropium, IV magnesium sulfate or helix ( inhale) , discharge: oral : 5-10 days with medium inhaln.
List the Anti-inflammatory drugs: Glucocorticoids ( oral /Inhaled), Leukotirene Modifiers ( oral) , Cromolyn and Nedocromil ( inhaled) , IgE Antagonist
List the Bronchodialtors: Beta2-Adrenergic Agonists ( inhaled. oral) , Methylxanthines, Anticholinergics
What is the usual dose for MDI or DPI with SABA? PRN, abort an attack, 30 -60 minutes, for 3-5 hours
A patient with recent attack ( 30 minutes) showing signs of tachycardia, angina and tremor , is this a concern? assess pt after use of SABA this may be SABA reaction
A patient on methyxanthine/Theophylne/Theo-24 is going to new coffee shop for espresso, whats the concern? Theophylline-similar to caffeine -effects on CNS and heart increase, caffeine competes, theophylline levels will rise
What is the MOA of Theophyline? relaxes smooth muscle of bronchi
What is MOA of Anticholinergic drugs? block muscarnic receptors
What are anticholinergic drugs approved for? COPD, off label for asthma
Name two fixed dose combos of Gluco and LABA? Fluticasone/Salmetrol, Budenoside/Formoterol
Three tests that measure lung function? FEV1, FVC, Peak Expiratory flow
What are the two primary goals to tx asthma? reduce impairment, reduce risk
Long term care drugs for asthma? Antinflammatory: GLuco( oral/Inhln) , Leukotrien modifier, cromoln and nedocromil, Omalizumab, Broncho: LABAs, LABO, Theophylline
Short term care drugs for asthma? SABAs, Anticholinergics, Systemic Glucocoticoids
Created by: kaltess