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ChinesePod: D1478t

ChinesePod: Upper Intermediate, Negotiating a Deadline -- traditional

引進 yǐnjìn to introduce from elsewhere
生產線 shēngchǎnxiàn production line
說明書 shuōmíngshū instruction manual
翻譯 fānyì to translate
內容 nèiróng content
手上 shǒushang in one's hands
高材生 gāocáishēng outstanding student
liàng amount
bèi times
放大假 fàng dàjià to take a big vacation
眼前 yǎnqián before one's eyes, at the moment
底限 dǐxiàn minimum, deadline
效率 xiàolǜ efficiency
機器翻譯 jīqì fānyì machine translation
進度 jìndù degree of progress
趕進度 gǎn jìndù to rush the degree of progress
影響 yǐngxiǎng to influence
看重 kànzhòng to value
負責 fùzé responsible
態度 tàidu attitude
技術型 jìshùxíng technical
通宵 tōngxiāo all night long
剩下 shèngxià leftover
保證 bǎozhèng to guarantee
nèi within
相關 xiāngguān related
考慮 kǎolǜ to consider
寬限 kuānxiàn to extend a deadline
最後的期限 zuìhòu de qīxiàn final deadline
人才 réncái talented person
寬容 kuānróng tolerant
局限 júxiàn to limit
狼來了 láng lái le 'the wolf is here' [to cry wolf]
Created by: chibitrochan