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Adverbs and Interjec

Stack #65051

etiam also
iam now
quoque also
hodie today
non iam no longer
tandem at last, at strength
lente slowly
ibi adv., there
nihil nothing
ubi Where?
prope prep. near
saepe often
subito suddenly
furtim stealthily
semper always
mox soon, presently
strenue strenuously, hard
deinde then, next
celeriter quickly
iterum again, a second time
simul together
hic here
interea meanwhile
cras tomorrow
identidem, adv again and again, repeatedly
Quam! How!
frustra, adv in vain
placide, adv gently, peacefully
diu, adv for along time
procul, adv in the distance, far off, far
praeterea, adv besides
fortasse, adv perhaps
tantum only
itaque, adv and so, therefore
vesperi, adv in the evening
abhinc, adv ago, previously
postridie, adv on the following day
vix, adv scarcely, with difficulty
modo, adv only
olim, adv once (upon a time)
numquam, adv never
antea, adv never
heri, adv yesterday
paulisper, adv for a short time
ita, adv thus, so, in this way
satis, adv enough
huc illuc, adv this way and that
interdiu, adv during the day, by day
undique, adv on all sides, from all sides
Created by: jennie