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1st and 2nd Decl.Adj

Stack #65046

alter, altera, alterum the second, one of two, the other (of two), another
defessus, defessa, defessum tired
solus, sola, solum alone
multus, multa, multum much/many
strenuus, strenua, strenuum active/energetic
ignavus, ignava, ignavum cowardly, lazy
infirmus, infirma, infirmum weak, shaky
iratus, irata, iratum angry
molestus, molesta, molestum troublesome, annoying
magnus, magna, magnum big, great
salvus, salva, salvum safe
occupatus, occupata, occupatum busy
nullus, nulla, nullum no, none
miser, misera, miserum unhappy, miserable, wretched
alius, alia, aliud another, other
scelestus, scelesta, scelestum wicked
plenus, plena, plenum full
fatuus, fatua, fatuum stupid
praeclarus, praeclara, praeclarum distinguished, famous
cunctus, cuncta, cunctum (blank)
longus, longa, longum long
tardus, tarda, tardum slow
carus, cara, carum dear
nonus, nona, nonum ninth
mortuus, mortua, mortuum dead
novus, nova, novum new
vicinus, vicina, vicinum neighboring, adjacent
semisomnus, semisomna, semisomnum half-asleep
sollicitus, sollicita, sollicitum anxious, worried
sordidus, sordida, sordidum dirty
clausus, clausa, clausum shut, closed
periculosus, periculosa, periculosum dangerous
Graecus, Graeca, Graecum greek
obesus, obesa, obesum fat
sordidus, sordida, sordidum sordidus, sordida, sordidum
medius, media, medium medius, media, medium
totus, tota, totum all, the whole
nocturnus, nocturna, nocturnum nocturnal
stultus, stulta, stultum stupid, foolish
mirus, mira, mirum wonderful, marvelous, strange
Created by: jennie