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Principal Parts Intensive Latin Wouters Spring 2007

accomodo (I); to fit, adapt, apply
aduro adurere, adussi, adustus; to scortch, burn
alligo (I); to bind, fasten together
aspicio aspicere, aspexi, aspectus; to look at, behold, look
capto (I); to seize, catch
careo carere, carui, caritus; to be without
carpo carpere, carpsi, carptus; to pluck, gather
claudo claudere, clausi, clausus; to close, shut up
coepio coepere, coepi, coeptus; to begin, commence
cresco crescere, crevi, cretus; to come into being, spring up
curro currere, cucurri, cursus; to run
devoveo devovere, devovi, devotus; to give up, devote
desero desere, deservi, desertus; to leave forsake, abandon
dimitto dimittere, dimisi, dimissus; to send forth
do dare, dedi, datus; to give
duco ducere, duxi, ductus; to lead, conduct
erudio (IV); to educate, teach
flecto flectere, flexi, flexus; to bend, curve, turn
gaudeo gaudere, gavisus sum, -------; to enjoy, delight in
gravo (I); to weigh down, burden
hortor horari, hortatus sum; to urge, incite, encourage
imitor imitari, imitatus sum; to imitate, copy
impedio (IV); to ensare, shackle, hamper
innitor inniti, innixus sum; to lean upon
instruo instruere, instruxi, instructus; to build in, insert, instruct
iubeo iubere, iussi, iussus; to order
libro (I); to balance, swing
licet licere, licuit or licitum est; to be appropriate
ludo ludere, lusi, lusus; to play
madeo madere, madui, -------; to be wet, moist
mollio (IV); to make soft, soften
moveo movere, movi, motus; to move, stir
novo (I); to make new, renew
obstipesco obstipescere, obstipui, ------; to be amazed, stupified
obstruo obstruere, obstruxi, obstructus; to build against, block
pateo patere, patui, -------; to stand open, lie open
pendo pendere, pependi, pensus; to suspend, weigh out
percipio percipere, percepi, perceptus; to seize (throughly)
perodi perodisse, perosus sum, ---------; to hate, detest
pono ponere, posui, positus; to place, put
possideo possidere, possedi, possessus; to own, possess, be master of
quatio quatere, ----------, quassus; to shake, flap
renideo renidere, -------, ------; to shine again, shine back
repeto repetere, repetivi, repetitus; to recall, take hold of again
requiro requirere, requisivi, requisitus; to seek again, look after
respicio respicere, respexi, respectus; to look back/behind
sepelio sepelire, sepelivi, sepultus; to bury
sequor sequi, secutus sum, ----------; to follow, come after
specto (I); to look at, gaze upon
sto stare, steti, status; to stand, remain
stringo stringere, strinxi, strictus; to draw tight, draw a weapon
surgo surgere, surrexi, surrectus; to rise, get-up, stand up
tabesco tabescere, tabui, ------; to dwindle, melt away
tango tangere, tetigi, tactus; to touch
timeo timere, timui, -------; to be afraid, apprehensive
tracto (I); to handle, touch
trado tradere, tradidi, traditus; to give up, hand over
traho trahere, traxi, tractus; to drag, haul
tremo tremere, tremui, -------; to shake, quake
video videre, vidi, visus; to see
volo (I); to fly
absum abesse, afui, afuturus; to be away, absent
caneo canere, canui, ----; to be white
cingo cingere, cinxi, cinctus; to surround
cogo cogere, coegi, coactum; to drive, bring, compel
colo colere, colui, cultum; to cultivate
concutio concutere, concussi, concussum; to agitate, shake together
candeo candere, candui, ----; to shine, glow with heat
contineo continere, continui, contentus; to hold together; (Ptcp: contented)
converto convertere, converi, conversus; to turn around, turn back, change
crepo crepare, crepui, crepitum; to creak, rattle
debeo debere, debui, debitus; to owe, ought
decido decidere, decidi, ----; to fall down
derigo derigere, derexi, derectus; to direct, set in order, draw up
descendo descendere, descendi, descensus; to climb down, descend
desum desse, defui, defuturus; to be missing, fail
dominor dominari, dominatus sum, ----; to rule
effodio effodere, effodi, effosus; to dig out, dig up, mine
exigo exigere, exegi, exactus; to drive out, push forth, complete
exsulto (I); to leap up, jump up
facio facere, feci, factus; to make, do
fero ferre, tuli, latum; to bear, carry, support
fingo fingere, finxi, fictus; to form, shape
fugio fugere, fugi, figiturus; to flee
gemo gemere, gemui, ----, -----; to sigh, groan
habeo habere, habui, habitus; to have, hold; consider
iaceo iacere, iacui, ----; to lie, lie dead, defeated
inmineo inminere, ----, ----; to lean towards, threaten, be eager for
induo induere, indui, indutus; to put on, assume
inquiro inquirere, inquisivi, inquisitus; to search for
inrumpo inrumpere, inrumpi, inruptus; to break in
lego legere, legi, lectus; to gather, collect, read
minor minari, minatus sum, -----; to project, threaten (+ dat)
misceo miscere, miscui, mixtus; to mix, combine
moderor moderari, moderatus sum, -----; to keep within bounds, regulate
mulceo mulcere, mulsi, mulsus; to stroke, soothe
nascor nasci, natus sum, -----; to be born
nosco noscere, novie, notus; to be acquainted with, know
obruo obruere, obrui, obrutus; to bury
perago peragere, peregi, peractus; to pass through, go over, complete
premo premere, pressi, pressus; to press, push
admoveo admovere, admovi, admotum; to move to
adstringo adstringere, adstrinxi, adstrictum; to tighten, draw together
agito agitare, agitavi, agitatum; to excite, agitate, drive, move
aio -----, -----, -----, [3s: ait, 3pl: aiunt]; to speak
aperio aperire, aperui, apertum; to uncover, open
ara (I); to plow, farm
aufero auferre, abstuli, ablatum; to carry/take away
candeo candere, candui, -----; to shine, glow with heat
contraho contrahere, contraxi, contractus; to draw together, shorten
convoco (I); to call a meeting of, muster
deprendo deprendere, deprendi, deprensum; to catch, intercept, discover
domo domare, domui, domitum; to tame, break in, conquer
figo figere, finxi, fictus; to fix, fasten, attach
haereo haerere, haesi, haesum; to hang, cling
incurso incursare, incursavi, incursatum; to run into, assault, attack
inmitto inmittere, inmisi, inmissum; to let loose, launch
inquiro inquirere, inquisivi, inquisitus; to search for
intremo intemere, intremui, intremitus; to tremble
intro (I); to go in, enter, penetrate
iuvo iuvare, iuvi, iutum; to help, be of use
lasso (I); to tire, fatigue
lateo latere, latui, -----; to lie hidden, lurk, escape notice
maneo manere, manui, mansum; to remain, stay, stop
miror mirari, miratus sum; to marvel, wonder at
navigo (I); to sail, put to sea
occupo (I); to take possession of, seize
parco parcere, peperci, parsum; to spare, stop, refrain from
patefacio patefacere, patefeci, patefactum; to open, open up, disclose
percutio percutere, percussi, percussum; to strike, beat, strike through, kill
posco poscere, poposci, ------; to ask for, request, demand
possum posse, potui, -----; to be able, have power
prodeo prodire, prodivi, proditum; to advance, come out, appear
prosum prodess, profui, ------; to be of use to, benefit
pugno (I); to fight, attack
pulso (I); to batter, knock, strike
quaero quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitum; to look for, search for, seek
rapio rapere, rapui, rapitum; to tear, snatch, seize
recondo recondere, recondidi, reconditus; to put away, hide
redo redire, redii, reditum; to go back, come back, return
relaxo (I); to loosen, release, open out
relinquo relinquere, reliqui, relictus; to leave behind
removeo removere, removi, remotum; to move back, withdraw, set aside
renovo renovare, renovavi, remotum; to renew, restore
resisto resistere, restiti, -----; to resist, oppose, stand still, stop
retineo retinere, retinui, retentus; to hold back, keep
ruo ruere, rui, rutum; to rush, run, hurry
sedeo sedere, sedi, sessum; to sit, be encamped, settle
seduco seducere, seduxi, seductus; to lead apart, separate
sero serere, serevi, seratus; to sow, plant
signo (I); to mark
sisto sistere, stiti, statum; to stop, stand, rest
stillo (I); to drip, drop
sto stare, steti, status; to stand, remain
subeo (IV); to go under, come from under
subicio subicere, subieci, subiectum; to put under, bring under
succedo succedere, sucessi, sucessum; to go under, submit to, follow
tego tegere, texi, tectum; to cover, hide, conceal
teneo tenere, tenui, ------; to hold, keep, possess, occupy
tepeo tepere, ------, ------; to be warm
tollo tollere, sustuli, sublatus; to raise up
utor uti, usus sum, -----; to use, make use of, enjoy
veho vehere, vexi, vectum; to carry
vincio vincire, vinxi, vinctum; to bind
vinco vincere, vici, victus; to conquer
vivo vivere, vixi, victum; to live
volvo volvere, volvi, volutum; to roll, turn around, revolve
Created by: ptm2106