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Density: The quality or condition of being dense.
Crust: The outer shell of earth including the continents of the ocean floor.This is the lithosphere, formed of sial and sima.
Continental Crust: The basement complex of rock, that is, meamorphosed sedimentary and volcsnic rock with associated igneous rocks mainly granitic, that underlies the continents and the continent and the continental shelves.
Convection Current: Mass movement of subcrustal or matle materisl sd the result of temperture variations.
Convection Current: Mass movement of subcrustal or matle material as the result of temperture variations.
Oceanic Crust: A thick mass of igneous rock which lies under the ocean floor.
Convection: The act or process of conveying; transmission.
Outer Core: The outer or upper zone of the warth's core, extending to a depth of 3160 miles,and including the transition zone.
Asthnophere : A zone of the earth's matle that lies beneath the lithosphere and consists of severl hundred kilometers of deformable rock.
Tectonic Plates: Anyone of the internally rigid crustal blocks of the lithosphere which move horzontally across the earth's surface relative to one another.Also known as crustal plate.
Seismic Waves: Vibration genated by a earthquake,explosion,or similar phenomnon and propagated within the earth or along it's surface.
Seafloor-spreading: Theory that oceanic crust forms along sumarine mountain zones, known collectively as the ocean ridge system, and spreads out laterally away from them.
Mid-ocean Ridge: A series of mountain ranges on the ocean floor,more than 84,000 kilometers in length.
Rift Valley: A vally that has developed along a rift.
Convergent Boundary: In plate tectonics, a convergent boundary, also known as a destructive plate boundary.
Divergent Boundary: The two tectonic plates move away from each other
Tranform Boundary: A strike-slip fault,common in mid-ocean ridge regions.
Stress: force against earth's surface.
Folding: The bending of rock layer due to stress.
Seismograph: A inturmet that records vibration in the ground and determines the location and strength of s earthquake.
Lava: The stuff from earth's core.
Deformation: The bending,tilg,and breaking of earth's crust.
Fault: A break in the body ro.ck a long which one block slides relative to another
Epiccenter: The point on earth's surface surface directly aove an earthquake's starting point.
volcano: A vent or a fissure in earth surface.
compression: Stress that occures when forces act to squeeze a object.
Rift zone: A area of deep cracks that form bettween two tectonic plates.
Focus: The point along a fault of which the frist motion of a earthquake.
Vent: A opening at the surface of earth.
Tension: Stress that occurs when forces act to stretch a object.
Earthquake: Cause by a fault.
Magnitude: How big the earthquake is.
Ring of fire: ring of volcanos in a ocean.
Shearing: Plates moving away from each other.
Seimic wave: A wave of enegry that travels away from the earthquake.
Magma: Lava that comes out a volcano.
Hot Spot Volcano: A active volcano.
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