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ChinesePod: D1558t

ChinesePod: Upper Intermediate, Hanukkah -- traditional

收聽 shōutīng to listen to a broadcast
猶太人 Yóutàirén Jewish people
光明節 Guāngmíngjié Hanukkah
持續 chíxù to continue, to persist
每逢 měiféng every time
燈台 dēngtái light stand
點燃 diǎnrán to light
紀念 jìniàn to commemorate
猶太 Yóutài Jewish
奇跡 qíjì miracle
敘利亞人 Xùlìyàrén Syrian people
統治 tǒngzhì to rule over
祭神 jìshén to make an offering to a deity
聖殿 shèngdiàn temple, holy place
保佑 bǎoyòu to bless and protect
冒著生命危險 mào zhe shēngmìng wēixiǎn to take a life-threatening risk
土豆餅 tǔdòubǐng potato pancake, latka
信仰 xìnyǎng belief
燭台 zhútái candle stick
猶太會堂 Yóutài huìtáng synagogue
帝國 dìguó empire
祭祀 jìsì to offer a sacrifice
納粹 nàcuì Nazi
Created by: chibitrochan
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