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Space vocab words

Space vocab words for test on Wednesday May 9th

planet one of the heavenly bodies except comets and meteors that move around the sun in nearly a circular motion
moon a satellite of any planet
comet a bright heavenly body with a star like center and often with a cloudy icy tail of light which always points away from the sun
asteroid anyone of the thousands of planetoid
black hole a hypothetical hole in outer space into which energy and stars and other heavenly matter collapse and disappear
satellite a heavenly body that revolves around a planet
orbit the path of any artificial body about another celestial body or the path of a manmade staellite
gravity a natural force
galaxy a system of aggregate of stars, cosmic dust, and gas, held together by gravitation
meteor a mass of stone or metal that enters the Earth's atmosphere from outer space with enormous spreads
Sunspots one of the dark spots that appear at regular intervals in certain zones on the surface of the sun
Star any heavenly body that is not a planet, moon, comet, meteor or nebula stars shine by their own reflective light
Solar Winds a continous stream of charged particles, mainly protons and electrons ejected by the sun and extending in all directions and electrons interplanetary
Nebula a mass of dust particles and gasses or a cloud like cluster of stars which occurs in interstellar space, very far away from our sun and its planets
Light Year the distance that light travels in one year at a speed of 186,282 miles per second; about 6 trillion miles. It is used to measure astrinomical distances
Ultra Violet Light of or having to do with the invisible part of the spectrum whose rays have wave lengths shorter than those of the violet end of the visible spectrum and longer than those of the x-rays. Wave lengths are from C.5 to C.400 nanometers
Atmosphere the mass of gases that surrounds, or may surround any heavenly body
Ozone a form of oxygen produced by electricity and present in the air, especially after a thunderstorm. It has a sharp, pungent, odor like that of weak chlorine. It is a pale blue
Universe The whole existing thing every there is cosmos especially
Gamma Rays Penetrating, electromagnetic radiation of very high frequency, given off spontaneoususly by radium and other radioactive substances
Milky Way A broadband of faint light that stretches across the sky at night. It is made up of countless stars and luminous clouds of gas
Astronomer a person who studies the stars, planets, moons, etc.
Astronaut a person trained to make rocket flights to outer space and pilot space shuttles
Constellation This is an easily recognizable pattern of stars and planets. In the northern hemisphere, they're named for gods & godesses. In the southern hemisphere, they are named for animals & birds
Quasar an object in space which emits a powerful blue light and radio waves. May be the oldest objects in space
Created by: baldy06