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Lesson 1: Rope Burn


a feeling of shame or embarrassment Humiliation
hopes about what others will do or about how they should behave expectation
of a place are areas along its edge far away from the center of action fringes
pausing before doing something because you feel unsure hesitating
being honest and meaning what you sa6. coaxed- gently talked into doing something by someone else. sincere
a lizard that can change the color of its skin to match its surrounding environment. chameleon
something that is regularly and widely used standard
covered with or made up of rough or tangled hair shaggy
working with or being part of a group so you can accomplish a goal cooperate
deeply absorbed in something that you are unaware of your surroundings trance
to seek something and claim it staked
muscles attached to bones to make parts of the body move skeletal muscular
when muscles pull together contracts
a trick or device used to get attention. gimmick
Created by: caschneder