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ChinesePod: D1685

ChinesePod: Upper Intermediate, The Stepmother

情绪 qíngxù mood, emotions
稳定 wěndìng stable
心事 xīnshì something on one's mind
瞎操心 xiā cāoxīn to worry in vain
谈朋友 tán péngyou to date
chǔ to have relations
欣赏 xīnshǎng to appreciate
谈得来 tándelái to get along well
记性 jìxing memory
小三 xiǎosān mistress
常年 chángnián throughout the year, year after year
guī to be put under someone's charge
乖巧 guāiqiǎo well-behaved
后妈 hòumā stepmother
作孽 zuòniè evil, despicable
接触 jiēchù to engage
严厉 yánlì strict, stern
虐待 nǜedài to abuse, to mistreat
宽松 kuānsōng relaxed, loose
guǎn to manage
jìng nothing but
吃力不讨好 chīlì bù tǎohǎo a hard yet thankless job
伺候 cìhou to wait upon
一时糊涂 yīshíhútu to lose one's head for a moment
昏了头 hūn le tóu to lose one's head
相处 xiāngchǔ to get along with
第三者 dìsānzhě third party
长期 chángqī long-term
懂事 dǒngshì mature
属于 shǔyú to belong to, to be a part of
严格 yángé strict
限制 xiànzhì to limit, to restrict
总之 zǒngzhī in a word
总体 zǒngtǐ overall
形象 xíngxiàng image, form
Created by: chibitrochan
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