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ChinesePod: C1707

ChinesePod: Intermediate, Unlucky Day

倒霉 dǎoméi unlucky, unfortunate
昨晚 zuówǎn yesterday evening
邻居 línjū neighbor
练习 liànxí to practice
打鼓 dǎgǔ to play drums
直到 zhídào until
因为 yīnwèi because
所以 suǒyǐ so, therefore
心情 xīnqíng mood
而且 érqiě and, moreover
diào to drop
谈生意 tán shēngyi to talk business
的时候 de shíhou when
棒球 bàngqiú baseball
突然 tūrán suddenly
fēi to fly
to smash
客户 kèhù client
脑袋 nǎodai head
分手 fēnshǒu to break up
鼓手 gǔshǒu drummer
烦躁 fánzào irritated, agitated
yòu again
声音 shēngyīn sound
一直 yīzhí always, continuously
运气 yùnqi luck
狗屎 gǒushǐ dog crap
踩到 cǎidào to step on
经典 jīngdiǎn classic
经历 jīnglì experience
排队 páiduì to line up
Created by: chibitrochan