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ChinesePod: C1699

ChinesePod: Intermediate, Monthly Data Plan

欠费 qiànfèi to owe money
停机 tíngjī to be suspended (of telephone service)
chōng to add, to charge
奇怪 qíguài strange
zhǐ only
上网 shàngwǎng to go online
包月 bāoyuè to set up or use a monthly plan
难怪 nánguài 'no wonder'
的话 dehuà if
特别是 tèbié shì especially, in particular
图片 túpiàn picture, image
流量 liúliàng amount of data flow
用完 yòng wán to use up completely
还是 háishì it would be better to
套餐 tàocān set plan
kàn to watch
营业厅 yíngyètīng business or service center
办理 bànlǐ to handle, to deal with
智能手机 zhìnéng shǒujī smart phone
怪不得 guàibude 'no wonder'
看情况 kàn qíngkuàng 'it depends on the situation'
中国联通 Zhōngguó liántōng China Unicom
中国移动 Zhōngguó yídòng China Mobile
比喻 bǐyù metaphor
服务中心 fúwù zhōngxīn service center
Created by: chibitrochan