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M6 Pre-Op Key Terms

Ch. 42 Care of the Surgical Patient Key Terms

ablation Amputation or excision of any part of the body; removal of a growth of harmful substance
anesthesia Absence of sensation (an- meaning "without," and -esthesia meaning "awarness or feeling")
atelectasis Collapse of lung tissues, preventing the respiratory exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen
cachexia General ill health and malnutrition marked by weakness and emaciation; usually associated with a serious disease such as cancer
catabolism Breakdown or destructive phase of metabolism. Occus when complex body substances are broken down to simpler ones.
conscious sedation Administration of central nervous system depressant drugs and/or analgesia to relieve anxiety and/or provide amnesia during surgical, diagnostic, or interventional procedures
dehiscence Partial or complete separation of a surgical incision or rupture of a wound closure
drainage Free flow or withdrawal of fluids from a wound or cavity by some sort of system (such as a urinary catheter or T-tube)
embolous A foreign object, quantity of air or gas, bit of tisue or tumor, or a piece of thrombus that circulates in the bloodstream until it becomes lodged in a vessel
evisceration Protrusion of an internal organ through a disrupted wound or surgical incision
extubate Remove endotracheal tube from airway
exudate Fluid, cells, or other substances that have been slowly exuded or sischarged from body cells or blood vessels through small pores or breaks in cell membrane
incentive spirometry A procedure in which a device (spirometer) is used at the bedside at regular intervals to encourage a patient to breathe deeply
incision Surgical cut produced by a sharp instrument to create an opening into an organ or space in the body
infarct Localized area of necrosis in tissue, a vessel, or an organ resulting from tissue anoxia; caused by an interruption in the blood supply to an area
informed consent Permission obtained from the patient to perform a specific est or procedure
intraoperative Pertaining to a period of time DURING a surgical procedure
palliative Designed to relieve pain and distress and to control the signs and symptoms of disease; not designed to produce a cure
paralytic ileus Most common type of intestinal obstruction; a decrease in or absence of intestinal peristalsis and bowel sounds that may occur after abdominal surgery
perioperative Entire surgical inpatient period occurring immediately before, during, and immediately after surgery
postoperative Pertaining to a period of time AFTER a surgery
preoperative Pertaining to a period of time BEFORE surgery
prosthesis Artificial replacement for a missing body part
singultus Hiccup
surgery Branch of medicine concerned with diseases and trauma requiring operative procedures
surgical asepsis A group of techniques that destroy all microorganisms and their spores (sterile technique)
thrombus Of or pertaining to a clot
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