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EMT Chp 7 Pharm

drugs and definition

Agonist causes stimulation of receptors
Antagonist medications that block other medication
Action intended effect
Indications reason or condition for which medications is given
contraindications would harm or have no positive effect
side effects any action other that the desired - can be unintended or untoward
unintended effects side effects that are undesirable but pose little risk to patient
untoward effects side effects that can be harmful
Enteral by mouth/ enters through digestive system
Parenteral enters the body other than digestive - syringe, skin or mucous membrane
Inhalation inhaling or breathing in
intramuscular (IM) into muscle
intraosseous (IO) into the bone
intravenous (IV) into vein
Per os (PO) by mouth
Per rectum (PR) by rectum
Subcutaneous (SC) under the skin
Sublingual (SL) under the tongue
Transcutaneous (transdermal) through the skin
Intranasal into the nose
Solution mixture of one or more substances that cannot be seperated
Suspension drug distributed throughout a liquid by shaking
The 6 Rights of Medication Administration right patient right medication right dose right route right time right documentation
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