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definition and history of Photography

What is Photography? is a science or art in obtaining images on a sensitized material by the action of electromagnetic radiation using a camera and it's accessories and the chemical process it involved therein.
What is Police Photography? Is a science which deals with the principles of photography and the preparation of photographic evidence and its application to police work.
What is Forensic Photography? is the process of photographing and recording crime scene or any other objects for court presentation.
The Basic Importance of Photography 1.)Refresh memory 2.)Preserve time and event 3.)Save money
Sensitized Material? Are materials that are sensitive to light like the film and photographic paper.
Electromagnetic radiation? is a form of energy exhibiting wave-like behavior as it travels through space. Light
Camera is a device that records and stores images.
Chemical Process In a "scientific" sense, a chemical process is a method or means of somehow changing one or more chemicals or chemical compounds.
Subject (Latin subiectus "lying beneath")an entity observed for purposes of research.
Object omething that is tangible and within the grasp of the senses.
Objectives of Photography To produce a photographic records of the crime scene. help keep the police officer's memory in remembering accurately the locations of physical evidence were found.securing and obtaining,confession,description,deposition and information relating to case.
Photography? The word was coined by John Herschel. Greek words "photos" means "light" and graphos means "to write,to draw or to sketch.
Created by: heramaya