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CNA Exam 1

Module 1-8, 12

What California State Code regulates the CNA training program and Skilled Nursing Facilities? Title 22, Division 5.
What is OBRA? Omnibus Reconciliation Act (1987). Federal regulations.
What are the three major resident care responsibilities that a CNA must meet? 1) Provide a safe environment. 2) Meet the physical needs of the resident. 3) Assist residents to fulfill their psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural needs.
What is informed consent? The act of informing the Pt of the consequence of refusing treatment.
What are the ONLY reasons that would allow the transfer or discharge of a resident or Pt? -Medical reasons -Welfare -Other Pts' welfare -Nonpayment
What is the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA)? This regulates the confidentiality of a Pt's health records and condition between the Pt and healthcare workers.
When may a Pt's rights be denied or limited? Only for good cause evidenced by MD's order, or only if allowed by law.
What hours are available for a Pt to have a Clergy visit? Clergy visits are made to be available at anytime.
What times are available for relatives or persons responsible to visit critically ill Pts? Visiting hours for relatives or persons responsible are at anytime.
According the California Health and Safety Code (Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care Facility Patient's Bill of Rights), if a Pt is deemed to be incapable of carrying out and/or protecting their own rights, who are to be responsible for such? The Pt's rights are to be carried out/protected by his/her guardian, next of kin, conservator, sponsoring agency or representative unless is the facility.
What is therapeutic communication? Communication that is used to promote optimum wellness.
What are the two routes of communication? Internal: what is seen, heard, touched. External: what is spoken, written, or gestured.
What are the steps in communication? -Message -Sender -Receiver -Interpretation
What is called when somebody's ability to communicate is physically impaired? Aphasia
What is the meaning of ergonomic? Designs with the intention of making something less stressful and free of injury, providing optimal comfort.
What are some examples of assistive devices used to reduce falls and maintain safe mobility of residents? -Canes -Walkers -Wheelchairs -Mobility alarms
What is the first-most resident related accidents that can be prevented? Falls account for about 70% of resident related accidents.
What is the second-most resident related accidents that can be prevented? Burns are the second-most resident related accidents, which can be caused by steam or hot water from bathing and hot drinks, flames from smoking, chemicals, and thermal, such as heating pads and sunburns.
What does R.A.C.E. mean? In case of a fire emergency: -R_Remove the resident from the fire area and close the room door. -A_Active the fire alarm system. -C_Contain the fire. -E_Extinguish if possible.
What does P.A.S.S. mean? In the act of extinguishing a fire: -P_Pull the extinguisher. -A_Aim. -S_Squeeze. -S_Sweep low.
When is it OK to use devices for nursing convenience or as punishment? It is never OK to use devices for nursing convenience or as punishment.
What are the Homeland Security Advisory System threat levels and their color code? -Low condition (green) -Guarded condition (blue) -Elevated condition (yellow) -High condition (orange) -Severe condition (red)
What should a CNA allow a Pt do before ambulating after laying in bed for a period? Dangle. Dangling would allow the Pt's blood circulation and pressure to adjust before attempting to stand or proceed in an upright position.
What are some devices that can be used to assist a Pt in ambulation? -Cane -Walker -Gait belt
What is asepsis? Asepsis is the absense of harmful bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms.
What are the 5 necessary conditions for infectious agents to grow? -Food source. -Moisture. -Oxygen or lack of oxygen. -Warmth. -Darkness.
What is the order of the chain of infection? 1. Causative agent 2. Reservoir 3. Portal of exit 4. Method of transmission 5. Portal of entry 6. Susceptible host
What are the four lines of defense against infection in the human body? 1. Normal flora 2. Skin 3. Mucous membrane 4. Immune system
What is the CDC? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Introduced categories of precautions in 1996 called "standard precautions" and transmission-based precautions".
What is OSHA? Occupational Safety and Health Administration. A state regulatory agency keeping workers safe. Require written docs and follow-up on exposure incidents.
What is the precaution that is used across the care of all Pt designed to reduce risk of infection regardless of Dx and presumed infectious state? Standard Precautions (asepsis)
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