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ChinesePod: C1696

ChinesePod: Intermediate, A Wasteful Husband

老公 lǎogōng husband, 'honey'
干吗 gànmá to do what
上网 shàngwǎng to go online
to take something and...
怎么 zěnme how, why
水龙头 shuǐlóngtóu faucet
打开 dǎkāi to open, to turn on
wàng to forget
guān to close, to turn off
dēng light
liàng to emit light
zhe [indicates a continuous states]
怕黑 pà hēi to be afraid of the dark
去你的 qùnǐde 'whatever'
到底 dàodǐ really, truly
心情 xīnqíng mood
浪费 làngfèi to waste
diàn electricity
水电费 shuǐ diàn fèi water and electric fees
duō much
忘记 wàngjì to forget
就算 jiùsuàn even if
浪费粮食 làngfèi liángshi to waste food
谈恋爱 tán liàn'ài to fall in love, to date
机会 jīhuì opportunity
浪费感情 làngfèi gǎnqíng to waste one's feelings
节约 jiéyuē to conserve
Created by: chibitrochan