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7th gr. GENETICS - SMS

genetic defectt hat affects African-Americans Sickle-cell anemia
Genetic disorder that President Lincoln had Marfan's Syndrome
spare parts for DNA replication nucleotides
DNA is the short form of this Deoxyribonucleic Acid
# of cells formed at the end of meiosis four
An example of a sex-linked trait Color Blindness
Albinism affects them the eyes
Down's syndrome causes this retardation
# of chromosomes cells normally have 46
end result of mitosis two cells
a person who lacks clotting agent has... hemophilia
the lungs are affected by... cystic fibrosis
45 chromosomes results in... Turner's Syndrome
an extra chromosome on the 21st set causes... Down's Syndrome
incomplete dominence will cause... blending
the sugar or carbohydrate in DNA deoxyribose
an extra chromosome on the 23rd set causes... Klinefelter's Syndrome
The nervous system is affected by... Tay Sach's Disease
colorblindness is more common in... Males
All living things can be affected by... albinism
blending on the punnet squares will show... percentages of phenotypes and genotypes the same
a carrier is not affected by... a disease of trait
When a domnant purebred is crossed with a recessive purebred, it results in a... phenotype with 100% of the dominant trait
He was the father of genetics and worked with tulip plants Gregor Mendel
genetic diseases can vary in... intensity from individual to individual
familial hypercholesterol can affect... anyone worldwide
two recessive genes can pass on... PKU
DNA was publically "discovered"... in 1953
chromosomes are made of... genes
the genome project involves discovering all... of the genes that make up a species
Created by: SimardRR