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homogenous mixture you can not see its other particles....... example= apple juice
heterogenous mixture you can see the different parts of it......... example= fruit salad
pure substance a pure substance is a substance with only one particle= aluminum foil.
particle theory all particles attract to eachother all matter is made up of tiny particles particles are moving all the time particles move faster when heated particles ahve spacs between them
Global Warming heating of Earths atmosphere
greenhouse effect methane, nitrous oxide, water vapour and carbon dioxide, mix in the atmosphere and create a sort of roof. The roof causes the heat from the sun to stay in the atmosphere and heat up the earth
pros of global warming More crop seasons, nice beaches and waters, shorter snow seasons, warm weather
cons of Global Warming polar icecaps melting, rising seas levels, animals losing their homes and habitats, great lakes are drying up, we will all die in the end
heat is the warmth of something.... can be tested on a thermometer
matter matter is everything
primary succesion starting from scratch, starts with a volcano making a clearing, weeds start to grow, shrubs start to grow, trees grow.
secondary succesion have a bit left, starts with seeds blowing in, blackberry bushes growing, small tree come, humans come and clear cut then leave the land for a couple of years.
kinetic energy measures the movement of something
thermal energy measures the heat of something
thermal contraction when the particles of something get cooled and move closer together and slow down. this causes the objetc to get smaller or have less volume
thermal expansion when the object's particles get heated and they move faster and spread out. this causes the object's volume and mass and size to grow.
conduction heat transfer through solids
convection heat transfer through fluids (liquids, gas)
radiation suns heat or heat from something else.
seperating a solution evaporate something or use distillation
dissolving rate to speed up the dissolving you: heat the water or stir and crush the object... to slow down: do the opposite
energy the ability to do something
temperature the heat or coolness of soemthing
biotic a living thing
abiotic a non living thing
Carnivore an animal that relys on meat as its food
herbivore an animal that relys on vegatation as their food source
omnivore animals that rely on vegatation and meat as their food source
solar energy energy from the sun
wind enrgy energy from teh wind
geothermal energy ENERGY FROM UNDER THE GROUNd
biome a large place
wave energy energy from the waves
biodiversity the vegatation or animasls in a community
community a place of organized living
tsunami large wave from earthquakes
rainforests lots of rain, warm and humid
deserts not much rain, hot and dry
lakes no salt water
oceans salt water, large
biofuels fuels that can power things that don't hurt our environment
environment the world
dissolving making something go away....
hypothosis a guess of something
procedure the order of things
materials list what you need
oxygen something humans cannot live without
water needed for survival... hydrates us
food gives us energy, needed to live
shelter somethings humans can live without but is strongly needed
Created by: EMunoz