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Science Green

Q's and A's

Maintaining stable internal conditions Homeostasis
what is the chemical that is released when in danger? adrenalin
what is the job of the endocrine system? controls growth, development, metabolism and reproduction
what glands are part of the endocrine system? hormones
Which two systems work together to respond to stimuli? Muscular and Nervous
What is the name of the nerves that allow you to sense things coming from the side? Peripheral Nerves
What three systems work together so you can move? Muscular, Skeletal and Nervous
exretory system does what? removes waste from the body.
what 2 systems work together for breathing? circulatory and respiratory
which unit is used to express the amount of energy in food? a calorie.
What other body system does the skeleal system work with to help you move? musclar
What does the skeletal system do? it suports and protects your body
What are the organs of the skeletal system? Bones,cartilage,ligaments and tendons
what organs are in the circulitory system? heart, blood, veins, arteries, capillaries
what is the function of the circulitory system? It carries oxygen and food to the cells and takes carbon dioxide and waste away.
what is a one word definition for circulatory system? transport.
what air is breathed in from the lungs Oxyegen
What air is breathed out carbon dioxide
where are the lungs in the chest
What is the job of the digestive system? Breacks down and absorbes the energy out of food and bumps it threw the body
What are the parts of the digestive system? Mouth,esophagus,stomach,small intestine,lage intetine
What is the tube that leds to the stomach? Esophagus
what system removes liquids and gaseous wastes from the body? Excretory
what is the main function of the nervous system? Controls and coordinates the body's response to stimuli.
what two systems work together to move the body? The skeletal and the muscular.
what is the make reproductive organ? The penis
what is the female reproductive organ? The vagina
What is the male reproductive cell? Sperm
What system breaks down large food molecules into smaller molecules? Digestive system
What is the measurement of energy called in food? Calories
What are two functions of the skeletal system? Protects and supports the body
what is the asexual and sexual reproduction called ? Meiosis is sexual and mitosis is asexual.
why do most organs choose asexual reproduction? because its safer, faster, and easier.
What organs are a part of the muscular system? Skeletal, Smooth Muscule, and the Cardiac
What is the function of the musclar system? Movement of bones, blood, and food
Are muscules used for being strong? No, they are used for the movement of the body.
Created by: elizabethjames