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Science Topic 2 Definitions 2011

Mass The amount of matter in something
Weight The force of gravity pulling on matter
Force A push, pull or twist applied to an object
Acceleration The rate at which an object changes speed
Net force The directional sum of all forces acting on an object
Friction A rubbing force that slows moving objects
Distance How far it is between 2 objects
Speed How quickly an object is moving
Time How long it takes between 2 events
Average speed The total distance traveled divided by the total time taken
Velocity Speed in a given direction
Inertia The tendency of an object to stay still or keep moving
Momentum The product of mass and velocity
Newton's Laws The 3 laws proposed by Sir Isaac Newton that describe motion
Data Information in numerical form
Graph Visual way of displaying data
Ticker timer Leaves dots on a paper tape to record motion
Circular motion Motion of an object round and round
Harmonic Motion of an object going to and fro
Pendulum Swinging object that can be used to measure time
Terminal velocity Air resistance which slows falling objects near earth
Constant speed Same time to travel same distance
Reaction time Time taken for driver to react to danger (moving from accelerator to the brake)
Reaction distance Distance car travels during reaction time
Braking distance Distance taken for car to stop when brakes are applied
Stopping distance Total distance taken to stop
Created by: PCGEEK