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Science Topic 1 Definitions 2011

Universe Huge space which contains all of the matter and energy in existance
Big Bang Theory that universe started in a big explosion from a single point
Steady state Theory that universe has always existed and matter is being created all the time
Cosmology Scientific study of theories about history & future of unverse
Evidence Something that helps you form a conclusion
Organisms Living things
Darwin Created the theory of evolution and explained it through the mechanism of natural selection
Evolution Slow change in a population of living things over many generations
Comparative anatomy Study of similarities and differences in body structures
Fossils Remais/impressions of living things, mostly found in rock
Geographical isolation Natural arrangements of plants and animals in particular regions
Homo sapiens Scientific term for modern humans
Lamarck Suggested that evolution was caused by organism acquiring variations as they lived their lives, that were then inherited by their offspring
Natural selection When only the organism best adapted to their environment will survive and transmit their genes to their offspring
Hominid Early human-like fossils that walked upright on 2 legs and were more like humans than apes
Astronomer Studies objects in space & info that can be derived from them
Cosmologist Studies theories about the universe - formation, history & future of the universe
Created by: PCGEEK