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ocean features sediments and stuff like that

How do you determine the ocean floor distance when sound travels at a certain time? You take the time and divided by 2. Then you use that time to multiple by 1,531 miles.
What kinds of chemcial and minerals that are two expensive to get why? Gold and manganese. They can't be claim because it's too expensive and it could ruin the enviorment.
Why are bathpheres better then bathscraphs and human divers. They are better because bathscraphs are free moving unlike bathspheres. They can last longer in water a human diver.
Contiental Shelf gently extends downward from the contients of the ocean
Contiental Edge point of which the shelf surrounding each con. begins to angle down the sharply to the ocean depths
Contiental Slope the clifflike dropp beyond the con. shelf and the true boundary between the con. and the ocean floor
Contiental Rise strethes from the lower part of the slope to the deepest part of the ocean
Abyssal Plain leads to the ocean bottom formed and by under sea rivers, currents and cooling part of the Earth crust
Mid-Ocean Ridge the longest mountain range in the world
Seamounts free-standing mountains formed by volcanoes munerous in the Pacific
guyot a flat-topped seamount
islands formed by the top of seamounts
What creates the natural features natural forces such as volcanoes and hurricanes ect.
What are the three kinds of sediments and examples of each one? Organic-protists and marine animals (contains carbon). Inorganic-soil, iron and glaciers(does not contain carbon). Chemical and minerals- gold and manganses
What does sonar stand for? Sound Navigation Ranging.
In nature sonar is called what? echlocation
What animals have it and what do they use it for? Porpioses, bats and dolphins use it for tracking prey and navigation.
How does hunan sonar affect these animals? It disonates them
How does sonar worked? It bounces high-pitched sound pukes off nearby objects.
What is the difference between sonar and radar? Sonar goes through water and radar goes through air.
How much does sound travel at? 1,531 miles per second
Why do people use sonar? To map the ocean floor. To detect ships, submarines and shipwrecks. It helpful in war.
A meter was in a layer for possibly how long and what may it caused? 65 million years and it could have caused the dinsours to extinct.
Created by: SEEawesome:)