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LAT101 Wk3 PP

I build aedifico, aedificare
I wander; I err, am wrong erro, errare
I order impero, imperare + [dat]
I stand sto, stare
I get to know, learn cognosco, cognoscere
I meet occurro, occurrere + [dat]
I show ostendo, ostendere
I help succurro, succurrere + [dat]
I find invenio, invenire
I carry, bear fero, ferre
I love amo, amare
I despair despero, desperare
I please placeo, placere + [dat]
I seek, I pursue, make for peto, petere
I carry out perficio, perficere
I wake up evigilo, evigilare
I rouse, awaken excito, excitare
I envy invideo, invidere + [dat]
I hold teneo, tenere
I worship; I till colo, colere
I put down depono, deponere
I live vivo, vivere
I wash lavo, lavare
I exercise, train exerceo, exercere
I sing cano, canere
I walk, march, hasten contendo, contendere
I carry; I wear gero, gerere
fame, report, reputation fama, famae
fatherland patria, patriae
queen regina, reginae
sleep somnus, somni (m)
wind ventus, venti (m)
war bellum, belli
plan consilium, consilii
temple templum, templi
wine vinum, vini
hill collis, collis (n)
enemy hostis, hostis (c)
name nomen, nominis (n)
mind animus, animi (m)
god deus, dei (m)
goddess dea, deae
messenger, message nuntius, nuntii (m)
eye oculus, oculi (m)
order imperium, imperii
love amor, amoris (m)
winter hiems, hiemis (f)
breeze, air aura, aurae
mistress domina, dominae
shape, beauty forma, formae
husband maritus, mariti (m)
sound sonus, soni (m)
tree arbor, arboris (f)
light lux, lucis (f)
voice vox, vocis (f)
family, household familia, familiae
glory gloria, gloriae
placus locus, loci (m)
people populus, populi (m)
song carmens, carmenis (n)
centurion centurio, centurionis (m)
flower flos, floris (m)
general imperator, imperatoris (m)
young man iuvenis, iuvenis (m)
legion legio, legionis (f)
soldier miles, militis (m)
parent parens, parentis (c)
old man senex, senis (m)
camp castra, castrorum (n, pl)
arms, weapons arma, armorum (n, pl)
he, she it; that is, ea, id
that; he, she, it ille, illa, illud
who, which qui, quae, quod
this hic, haec, hoc
self ipse, ipsa, ipsum
no one nemo, neminis (c)
a certain, a quidam, quaedam, quoddam
Created by: 817229501