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Ch 34 part 1

MedSurg 1 Hematologic

RBC Erythrocytes
WBC Leukocytes
Platelets Thrombocytes
Where does blood formation begin? Bone Marrow
All blood cells begin as: Stem cells
What make up most of the cellular portion of the blood? RBCs
How long does a healthy RBC love for? 120 days
What is the growth factor necessary for the production and regulation of RBC? Erythropoietin
What does erythropoietin do? It gives the signal to the stem cells to produce RBCs, to replace the ones that have aged and will be destroyed
In the fetus erythropoietin is produced by what? The liver
Where is erythropoietin is produced? The kidneys
What is Hypoxia? Low oxygen content in the blood
What is the iron in the RBC required for? The formation of hemoglobin
What gives blood its red color? hemoglobin
Iron allows hemoglobin molecule to: transport oxygen
what is critical to the oxygen-transporting function in the RBC? Iron
What are critical in the fight against inflammation and infection? WBCs
What are the 2 types of WBCs? Granulocytes and agranulocytes
What are the granulocytes? Neurophils, esinophils, and basophils
Approximately 2/3 of all WBCs are? Neutrophils
What is a neutrophils life span? About 10 hours
What increases in number in response to inflammation in the body and defense against bacterial infections? Neutrophils
What responds primarily to allergic reactions? Esinophils and basophils
What are the agranulocytes? Monocytes and lymphocytes
Monocytes are transformed into: Macrophages
What do macrophages do? They kill bacteria and respond to the presence of foreign materials in the body
Where are lymphocytes formed? In the lymphatic tissue
What are lymphocytes needed for? A healthy immune system
What are the 2 types of lymphocytes? B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes
What do B lymphocytes do? They provide immunity by producing antibodies
What do T lymphocytes do? They provide cellular immunity
What are elements in the blood that are necessary for proper blood coagulation? Platelets
What is platelets lifespan? Approx. 7.5 days
Where are platelets manuactured? The red bone marrow
What controls the production of platelets? Thrombopoietin
When an injury is sustained to a blood vessel, platelets move to that site: T/F True
What is thrombopoietin? A protein manufactured by the liver, the kidney, smooth muscle, and teh bone marrow.
The release of thrombopoietin is controlled by : The number of platelets present in the blood
CBC Complete blood count: Measures the red cell count, white cell count, platelet count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and priovides a detailed description of the types of WBCs in the sample
What can a CBC indicate? Anemia, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia; also it can indicate if the levels of any of the types of WBCs are abnormal ( which may indicate leukemia)
Leukopenia Low number of white blood cells
Thrombocytopenia Low levels of platelets in the blood
What test may be ordered if iron-deficiencyanemia is suspected? An iron level (Fe level) and total iron binding capacity (TIBC)
What kid of test is conducted to determine if a client has a vitamin B12 deficiency? A Shilling test
A sickle cell test is used to identify wether a client has: Sickle cell disease
When a client is suspected of having some type of bone marrow disorder, what type of test is done? A bone marrow aspiration or biopsy
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