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CPR ME Final

Review for CPR/Medical Emergencies final

What are the patient related duties of an EMR? Safely gain access to the patient. Transfer patient and their info to other medical professionals. Find out what is wrong with the patient.
The proper use of the body to facilitate lifting and movement without injury is called body mechanics. T or F? True.
When you are controlling external bleeding, you should use what? Sterile dressings and bandages.
What is the best soft splint to use for a shoulder or elbow injury? Sling
As an EMR, what is your first concern on a scene? Personal safety/Scene safety.
Once you ensure your own safety, your main duty at the scene of an emergency is to what? Provide patient care.
What are the phases of an emergency call? Dispatch, preparation, arrival, transferring patients, after the emergency.
When an EMR gains access to a patient through a window, what access method is it considered? Simple access.
What should an EMR do when a patient is trapped in an overturned vehicle? Stabilize the vehicle.
If gaining access in a car to a patient through a window is required, the EMR should try using what? A rear or side window.
A properly applied splint can't prevent or reduce what? Excessive movement.
Car accident, patient thrown from car with severe bleeding from the head and lower legs look fractured. What do you do if he stops breathing? Use a jaw-thrust maneuver and ventilate.
It is an EMR's job to determine whether a bone or muscle injury is fractured, dislocated etc. T or F? False
What is a bone that is broken and bends at a place other than a joint called? Deformed or angulated injury.
Trauma is the leading cause of death in the elderly. T or F? True.
If immobilizing an elderly patient on a backboard, keep in mind that they could have __ and that it could affect the __. Curvatures of the spine/airway.
What should you check for in wounds involving the extremities? Pulse, motor function, sensation. (PMS)
A vest-type extrication device should be placed on the spinal injured victim prior to the removal from a vehicle during an emergency move. T or F? False
Elderly male, fell in bathroom and is complaining of pain in his right hip. What is the best piece of equipment to use to get him out? Scoop stretcher.
In your initial assessment, you should look for what? Airway, breathing, circulation. (ABC's)
Patient with patent airway and breathing rate of 14, pulse is weak and thready, cool and clammy and capillary refill is slow. What priority is he? High priority, urgent.
When you are performing the ongoing assessment, you should be reassessing the what? Initial assessment, interventions and vital signs.
In your initial assessment, you find the patient has life-threatening problems. You should do what? Stop and correct the life threat.
During your assessment of a trauma patient, what should you use to help you remember what to look for in the physical exam? DCAP-BTLS
A man has fallen from a the second story of a building and is lying supine on the ground. Which assessment plan do you choose? Rapid trauma assessment.
What levels of EMS personnel are there? EMR, EMT-Basics, EMT-Paramedics and EMT-Intermediates.
The medical director of an EMS system is ultimately responsible for all actions performed by the personnel of that EMS system. T or F? True.
The National Registry of EMT's recognizes all of the following EMS levels.. EMT-Paramedic, EMR, EMT-Basic.
As a paid EMR, while on duty you are expected to provide care according to those standard operating procedures outlined by your department. What is this called? Duty to act.
You have an ethical responsibility to.. Maintain your skills and knowledge, read professional publications and be ready to perform at all times.
What is the appropriate respiratory protection to use when caring for a patient with known active TB? N95 HEPA mask.
The xyphoid process is part of the lower sternum. T or F? True.
Created by: SausageOstrich