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Cytology Cells
Histology Tissues
Mycology Fungi
Phycology Algae
Paleontology Fossils
Pomology Fruits
Arboriculture Trees
Horticulture Gardening
Silviculture Plantation Forestry
Apiculture Honey Bee Rearing
Sericulture Silk worm Rearing
Ornithology Birds
Entomology Insects
Helminthology Worms
Pedology Soil
Petrology Rocks
Geology Earth
Selinology Moon
Seismology Earth Quakes
Osteology Bone
Ophthalmology Eye
Otology Ear
Obstetrics Pregnancy & Child birth
Gynecology Women’s diseases
Andrology Diseases of Male
Pediatrics Child Diseases
Geriatrics Diseases of old age
Orthopedics Treating Bone diseases
Dentology Teeth
Dermatology Skin
Hematology Blood
Oncology Cancer
Oneriology Dreams
Anatomy Structure of the Body
Physiology Functions of the body
Aetiology Causes of Diseases
Pathology Nature of Diseases
Therapeutics Treatment of Diseases
Prophylaxis Prevention of Diseases
Diagnostics Identification of Diseases
Ecology Environment
Exobiology Life in other planets
Myology Muscles
Neurology Origin of Words
Lexicography Compiling Dictionary
Philology Study of Language
Phonetics Study of Pronunciation
Optics Light
Acoustics Sound
Philately Stamp collection
Vexiology Flags
Dactylography Finger prints
Cryptography Secret Writing
Cryogenics Very low temperatur
Length Metre
Mass Kg
Time Second
Current Ampere
Temperature Kelvin
Luminous intensity Candela
Amount of substance Mole
Plane angle Radian
Solid angle Stradcan
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