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Marano Weather #3

humidity the amount of moisture (water vapor) in the aire
absolute humidity number of grams of water vapor in one cubic meter of air
(Warm, cold) air can hold more moisture warm
relative humidity % of air full of water
When we reach 100% relative humidity, we have reached the _____. dewpoint
The greater the humidity, the (lower, higher) the pressure lower
The hight the temperature, the (lower, higher) the humidity lower
air pressure measured with hygrometer
hair hygrometer hair lengthens or shortens depending on humidity
psychrometer has two thermometers- dry bulb and wet bulb
evaporation is a (cooling, heating) process cooling
The drier the air is the (more, less) evaporation will occur in the wet bulb. This evaporation causes the temperature on the wet bulb to (drop, rise) more, drop
Dry air (more, less) evaporation= (greater, less) difference between the two thermometers. more, greater
dew point temperature when the air can no longer hold any more moisture and precipitation occurs
Cooler air holds (less, more) moisture less
The closer the air temperature is to the Dew Point, the (lower, higher) the relative humidity is. higher
water cycle continuous movements of water from water sources into the air, onto and over the land, into the ground and back to the water sources
condensation water vapor cools and changes back into liquid droplets
evaporation liquid water changes back into water vapor
transpiration plants release water vapor into the air through their leaves
precipitation rain, snow, sleet, or hail faills fromt he clouds onto the Earth's surface
run off water, usually from precipitation, that flows off the land and collects in rivers streams, and eventually the ocean
Created by: seagullq