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Class 11-05

M6 PII Medication Administration

Assess TPN patients periodically by performing? regular interval finger sticks (blood glucose)
Six rights of medication administration Client, Medication, Time, Route, Dose, Documentation
3-way check on client identification Ask for full name, check ID bracelet, ask for DOB
Administer meds within this time frame 30 mins prior to 30 mins after scheduled time
What is sublingual? Under tongue
What is buccal? between gums and inner cheek
Instillation Route through eyes? Ophthalmic
Instillation Route through Ears? Otic
Instillation Route through Nose? Nasal
What should the patient do BEFORE using a nasal spray? clear nasal passages
Pull down and back on patient ears younger than? 3 years of age
What type of needle is used on Ampules? Filtered Needle
Size of syringe and needle is based on? Viscosity of solution
Which method of medication administration provides the fastest action? Parenteral
What is the nasal route used for? to shrink the mucosa or administer antibiotics
Tablets are mixed with __ ml's of water when administered through NG tube. 30
Flush the tube with __ to __ ml's of water after administration? 30-50
Placement of NG tube is verified by? (hospital setting) X-Ray
This type of medication dissolves at body temperature. Suppositories
With NG tubal meds, suction should not be reconnected for __ minutes. 30
What temperature should ear drops be at when administered? Room Temperature
What are exudates? buildup around eye
How far should the patient hold the inhaler from his/her mouth? 0.5-1 inch
Which syringe holds a total of 1ML? Tuberculin
Name four types of syringes. Tuberculin, Insulin, 3 ML - 50 ML, Disposable Injection 0.5 ML
Intradermal needle length 3/8 - 5/8 inch
Subcutaneous needle length 5/8 - 1/2 inch
Insulin needle length 1/2 - 5/16 inch
Intramuscular needle length 1 - 1.5 inch
Most fully developed muscle in infants Vastus Lateralis
Three signs of fluid overload Anxiousness, dyspnea, weak and rapid pulse
Why is a large vein with rapid blood flow needed for infusion of TPN? to dilute the solution rapidly
Too rapid of TPN infusion can cause? Hyperglycemia
TPN infusion rate should be monitored every __ hours. 4
Blood glucose should be monitored every __ to __ hours during TPN infusion. 6-8
Vital signs every __ to __ hours during TPN infusion. 4-8
Parenteral Nutrition also known as Hyperalimentation
PPN stands for? Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition
PICC stands for? Peripherally inserted central catheter
PCA stands for? Patient Controlled Analgesia
Who programs the PCA pump per physician's order? RN
Medication given directly through Heparin lock is administered by who? RN
Five methods of IV therapy administration IV Push, IV access device, Intermittent Infusion (piggyback), Continuous, Patient Controlled Analgesia
Why must air be injected into vial prior to removal of medication? to prevent development of vacuum
How many ML's can be administered subcutaneously? 1ML
Why is the Z-track method used? to administer medications that are irritating to the tissues
List four IM sites Gluteal, Vastus Lateralis, Ventrogluteal, Deltoid
Injections into the Deltoid muscle must be __ ML's or less 1
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