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who is the man that first loved helena? lysander
who do both men end up falling in love with? hermia
who is sent to do the faiy kings biddings? puck
who is the fairy king? oberon
who is the fairy queen? titania
peaseblossom moth mustardseed and cobweb are what? faires
quince bottom snout snug starveling and flute are from where? athens
who is egeus the father of? hermia
who is the duke of athens? theseus
who is the queen of the amazons? hippolyta
who is in love with demetrius? helena
who is in love with lysander? hermia
who is the master of the court? philostrate
fraud, faker charlatan
lack of stability fickle
artistic expression idiom
to persist persevere
to detect with the eyes discern
a bank of known songs repertoire
working to spread harm insidious
favorable, to ones likings propitious
dark, sad somber
audacity, nerve temerity
to lower one self to a level considered inferior condesending
to manefest hate contemptuous
seperated, disconected detached
to make an indirect reference allusive
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