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Med/ Surg

What is a distended section of an artery? Aneurysm
When planning a care plan for a patient with metabolic acidosis, You encourage ? The patient to increase deep breathing.
The patient has a lung history of COPD which led to cor pulmonale. Explain to the patient. There was secondary heart damage caused by long term heart damage.
When assessing a patient with infection what lab work would you do? Blood lab to check for elevated white blood cells (wbc).
Which intervention promotes clearance of respiratory secretions? Diaphragmatic breathing.
What would you do for a patient that has been admitted with upper chest burn, and you notice the nasal hairs are singed? Check for respiratory complications.
A woman's mother dies of malignant melanoma and she asks the nurse what's the best prevention? Use sunscreen when exposed to the sun.
The patient has been prescribed tylenol, sulfanamide, penicillin, and the patient develops a rash and pruritus. What do you do? Stop all the medications and notify the Doctor.
Sodium is the major electrolyte in which compartment? Extracellular
A report on a patient shows he has had excessive diarrhea with a blood pH 7.10 and PaCO is normal. What is the diagnosis? Metabolic Acidosis
If the Doctor does not order a dressing change and there is drainage. You primarily? Draw a circle then date it. FYI. Later you would reinforce the dressing.
The nurse asseses a patient who is in demitrist cardiac condition which is a result of retained fluid.Why is that? Because they have too much sodium known as hypernatremia.
When measuring drainage in a 24 hr period, its abnormal if it exceeds? 300mL
Where do you chart the nursing interventions for the day of the surgery? Preop checklist
If the patient has severe eczema, what would you do? Keep it hydrated so it doesnt crack open.
How long before changing a dressing, do you medicate the patient? 30 minutes before.
What do you use to measure oxygen levels in a patient? the pulse oximetry
When a patient with diabetes has his leg amputated, what kind of surgery is it? Ablative surgery
When the patient is transferred from the OR to the recovery room, what do you first assess? Check the airway for patency
The nurse reminds the patient that the marked intention for would healing is? That healing is rapid, rarely becomes infected, and there is minimal scarring.
If the patient has COPD, the nurse will encourage the patient to? rest before eating.
If a patient has herpes zoster what local anti-infective is given? Acyclovir
patient is admitted with burns and inhaled smoke. You are aware that ? CO binded to the hemoglobin which gives the pulse oximeter a false reading.
What nursing teachings will be given to a patient that has acne vulgaris? Nurse will teach about stress, diet, hygiene, meds, and image.
A patient suffered contact dermatitis by touching strawberries, and became itchy. What would you do? Use a cool dressing to encourage vasoconstriction.
If a patient has active tuberculosis in what type of precaution will they be placed? AFB Acid Fast Bacillus Due to the spores.
The anesthesiologist administers anesthesia through inhalation or IV? General Anesthesia
When a nurse assess fluid flow of patient with edema, heat, pain, that is called what? Inflammation phase
How are electrolytes mainly excreted? Through urine.
What do you frequently monitor in a post op patient? Respiration
A patient has been vomiting for hours. The stomach loss content can lead to what? Metabolic Alkalosis because they are throwing up acid increasing the alkaline left.
How do you clean a blood spill? use bleach.
Surgical asepsis is also known as? Sterile technique.
The nurse practices medical asepsis when? She keeps the linen off the floor.
A nurse is caring for patient with bronchiectasis (collapse of bronchi), which intervention promotes clearance of respiratory secretions? Diaphragmatic Breathing
When would you have postural drainage for a patient? Fluid in the lungs
A nurse has a patient that has diagnosis of coronary insufficiency in the left arm. What type of pain is that referred pain
Patient in a burn unit has full thickness of 20% CO intoxication. The CO is fatal because? Binds with hemoglobin in place of oxygen
The maximum pain level a patient can function at is 4
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