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SMGS Vocabulary -WHS

25 vocabulary words from Summer of My German Soldier

jubilee noun- celebration or great rejoicing
fastidious adjective - difficult to please
impassive adjective - revealing no emotion, expressionless
formidable adjective - something to be feared or dreaded
lavish verb- giving extravagantly
gaudy adjective- cheap, lacking good taste, showy
obstinate adjective - stubborn
martyr noun - someone who chooses deathr rather than renounce religious principles
rendezvous noun - an appointment or meeting
palatable adjective - agreeable to the taste
acquiesce verb - to submit silently without protest
implicate verb - to show to be nvolved in something
pertinent adjective - related to the matter at hand, relevant
hypocrisy noun - a pretence of having a virtuous belief or character
futile adjective - of no use, hopeless
subservient adjective - state of being servile or like a slave
perpetrate verb - to commit an act, usually a crime
optimism noun - being incluined to look on the bright side of things
treason noun - the betrayal of one's country or ruler
vulnerable adjective - susceptible to being hurt
inordinate adjective - much too excessive in number
congeal verb - to thicken, stiffen,
contort verb- become twisted
presumptuous adjective - acting without permission or right , too bold,
simulate verb - to give a false appearance, pretend
Created by: Sharon Smolen