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Eng Final Vocab EG

Segregate to isolate from the main group
Egregious outstandingly bad
Dissimulate To disguise under a feigned appearance
Aggregate gathered together into a mass; total
Facsimile an exact copy
Gregarious enjoying the company of others
Ensemble a group of people/parts that contribute to a single effect
Inherent existing as an essential/natural part/ characteristic
Adhere to stick together
Bellicose warlike in manner / temperament
Contentious quarrelsome
Retribution something given/demanded in repayment
Antagonist one who opposes/competes with another
Altercation noisy quarrel
Rancor bitter, long-lasting resentment; ill will
Affront To insult intentionally
Breach breaking up/disruption of friendly relation; estrangement
Schism a separation into factions
Dissension a difference in opinion; especially one that leads to strife
Emissary an agent who represents the interest of a person/group/nation
Status quo the existing condition or state of affairs
Arbitration the process of which parties in dispute submit their differences to the judgment of an impartial person or group
Consulate the premises occupied by a government official who represents his/her government's interest in a foreign city
Discretion cautious reserved in speech or behavior, freedom to act or judge on one's own
Protocol ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and heads of state
Attaché a member of the staff of a diplomatic office in a foreign country
Entente an agreement between two or more powers for cooperative action
Machiavellian pertaining to the theory that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing and maintaining political power
Covenant contract
Conjure to produce as if by magic or to call upon by an oath
Fiancé a man engaged to be married
Infidel a person who doesn't accept a particular faith or doesn't believe in religion
Confidant a close friend who whom confides secrets in
Affidavit A written and sworn declaration made before an authorized person is called
Jurisdiction authority
Adjure to command solemnly
Fealty The loyal of a vassal to his feudal lord
Perjure to give false/misleading/incomplete testimony under oath
Effect the result of something
Affect an influence on; bring about a change
Precede to come before in time
Proceed to go forward and onward after an interruption
Avenge to revenge/get satisfaction
Revenge vengeance/retaliation
Uninterested not paying attention
Disinterested unbiased
Infer to conclude from evidence
Imply Hint/suggest
Quintessence finest example
Epitome typical example of a class/type embodiment
Inimitable impossible to imitate
Zenith highest point; peak
Impeccable without flaw; perfect
Peerless unmatched; without equal
Eclipse To overshadow the importance of
Optimum most favorable
Culminate to reach highest point
Sublime supreme; not to be excelled
Inquisitive A person who is eager to learn
Quest act of seeking
Abrogate Abolish
Conquistador Conqueror
Acquisition to act of gaining possession
Presage to warn in advance
Requisite something that is required
Sagacity wiseness; keenness of perception
Evasion act of escaping by cleverness
Shirk to neglect, put off
Abstemious some one who is sparing in food and drinks
Circumvent to avoid by passing around it
Elude to escape by being cunning
Circuitous a course that is a roundabout/indirect
Oblique indirect, misleading
Abeyance to be suspended; set aside
Eschew Avoid habitually; to shun
Malinger to pretend to be sick to avoid work
Banal lacking freshness/ originality
Rendition interpretation of musical piece
Simulation taking on the appearance, form, sound of something else; imitation
Mimicry A close copying imitation of speech, expression, or gesture
Sham fake
Emulate try to be equal to, esp. through imitation
Prototype original type
Recapitulate to repeat in concise form
Redundant repeating the same idea
Fauna animals of a particular region
Arboreal living in trees
Germination the process of beginning to grow or develop
Deciduous shedding foliage at the end of growing season
Burgeon put forth new buds
Sylvan characteristic of woods/forest
Verdant green with vegetation
Horticultural Relation to science/art of cultivating plants
Lichen Pants that form crust-like on rocks/trees
Flora plants in a particular region
Dissonance Harsh combination of sounds; lack of harmony
Octave musical interval of 8 full tones
Acappella without musical accompaniment
Staccato short cripsy notes
Libretto text of an opera
Cadence balanced rhythmic flow
Sonata instrumental musical composition
Aria elaborate vocal piece sung by a single voice
Crescendo gradual increase in volume
Motif a repeated significant phrase
Remiss person who is lax on duty
Accountable required to answer for your action
Negligence lack of proper attention
Liability condition of being legally responsible
Onerous Something that is oppressive/ burdensome
Default failure to perform task
Feckless one who is careless
Incumbent duty that needs to be fulfilled
Commitment emotionally bound to a cause of action
Mandatory something that is required
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