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my science test or mini final

what are the differences between the frogs front and hind legs the front is short for support and balance and the hind is long and muscular for leaping on land and swimming in water
what does distal mean farthest from midline
what happens to the eyes when a frog dives or swims eyes are retracted into eye sockets
muscle groups that work together in the frogs limbs are called------------- and------------- flexors and extensors
what is the pylorus valve by stomach and duodenum food leaves somach here and goes into the intestine
what filters liquid of dissolved wastes in the frog kidneys
how many heart chambers and name them 3 the ventricle right atrium- auracle left atrium- auricle
name three organs of respiration for the frog lungs skin and buccal lining
which sex are fat boddies found in both male and female
EX CREDIT how many total digits are found on three frogs together 54
most common frog in the us leopard frog
largest frog in this area bull frog
name 3 predators of frogs and toads fish alligators birds and snakes
teeth that trap insects- point towards throat vomerine teeth
how or where frogs lay eggs are deposited leaves at pond bottom or floating masses on the pond surface
winter in soft mud under stones minimal life functions this is? hibernation
what period occurs in the spring breeding period
where in the mouth is the tongue attached front
where in the mouth does incects end up in back
name three types of organisms studied in herpetology frogs toads salamanders lizards snakes
give one main difference between a frog and a toad a frog lives in water a toad lives in land
three different frog besides leopard frogs and bull frogs green wood chorus cricket tree gray tree
Created by: chickenfooble