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LAT101 Wk2 PP

Call together convoco, convocare
Sail navigo, navigare
Attack oppugno, oppugnare
Defend defendo, defendere
Kill occido, occidere
Resist resisto, resistere
Conquer vinco, vincere
Take capio, capere
Flee fugio, fugere
Throw iacio, iacere
Lie (down) iaceo, iacere
Hurl conicio, conicere
Can, am able possum, posse
Be sum, esse
Wait for exspecto, exspectare
Save servo, servare
Fear, am afraid timeo, timere
Return, give back reddo, reddere
Leave behind relinquo, relinquere
Turn verto, vertere
Rejoice gaudeo, gaudere
Have habeo, habere
Warn, advise moneo, monere
Am silent taceo, tacere
Drink bibo, bibere
Board (a ship) conscendo, conscendere
Receive accipio, accipere
Come together, meet convenio, convenire
Live, dwell habito, habitare
Pray, beg oro, orare
Ask, seek quaero, quaerere
Rest quiesco, quiescere
Lift, raise tollo, tollere
Anger ira, irae
Fight pugna, pugnae
Dog canis, canis (c)
Brother frater, fratris (m)
Ship navis, navis (f)
Father pater, patris (m)
Prince, chief princeps, principis (m)
King rex, regis (m)
City urbs, urbis (f)
Gate porta, portae
Spear hasta, hastae
Wall murus, muri
Mother mater, matris (f)
Death mors, mortis (f)
Island insula, insulae
Horse equus, equi
Man vir, viri (m)
Work labor, laboris (m)
Night nox, noctis (f)
Wife uxor, uxoris (f)
Sailor nauta, nautae
Wood silva, silvae
Wave unda, undae
Sky, heaven caelum, caeli
Danger periculum, periculi
Rock saxum, saxi
Word verbum, verbi
Shout clamor, clamoris (m)
Man, human being homo, hominis (c)
Shore litus, litoris (n)
Sea mare, maris (n)
Mountain mons, montis (m)
First primus, -a, -um
New novus, -a, -um
Small parvus, -a, -um
Few paucus, -a, -um
Silent tacitus, -a, -um
Whole totus, -a, -um
Brave fortis, forte
Huge ingens, ingentis
Dead mortuus, -a, -um
Alone solus, -a, -um
Terrified territus, -a, -um
Safe, unharmed incolumis, incolume
Dear carus, -a, -um
All omnis, omne
Created by: 817229501