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qual quant or con


the object is red qual
the chair has four legs quant
the car goes 120mi/hr quant
not enough ozone layer causes global warming conclusion
the beaker feels hot because of the flame. conclusion
sardines make me sick conclusion
the dog ate 1000 bones quant
water is clear qual
billy ate grn. peppers qual
the scientific method an organized plan for gathering ,organizing, and communicating info
direct observations the researcher is the observer recording what he or she is recording
indirect observations the researcher relies on the reported observations of others
hypothesis happens after the observation/educated guess
manipulated variable is the variable that is changed or tested on x axis
responding variable the variable that is affected by the changing of the - variable y axis
scientific law statement that summarizes
scientific theory a statement that explains
direct proportion where the ratio of the 2 variables is constant
inverse proportion where the product of the 2 are constant
volume the amount of space an obj occupies
area the amount of space an obj occupies
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