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Sci. Review

8th Gr. Sci.Final

What is formed when sedimentary rock layers are reformed by heat and pressure? Mountains are formed.
What is revealed by thousands of layers of sedimentary rock? The long history of earth's changing surface.
What do the slight differences in the structure of fossils indicate if they are found in different rock layers? Species change over time.
Why do scientists study rock layers? Scientist study rock layers to find physical evidence of earth's history.
What evidence do we have that earth's crustal surface has changed over time? Marine fossils found in mountain areas provide evidence for earth's changing crustal surface.
Where can we find evidence that living things have evolved over millions of years? In the fossil records.
Why do scientist study fossils? To know how organisms have evolved or changed.
What type of rock contains the best fossil record? Sedimentary rock.
What structural adaptation helps a desert plant conserve water between rainy seasons? Thick leaves help desert plants store water.
How does the formation of sedimentary rock layers allow plant and animal remains to appear and disappear? Layers were formed at different times as evidence shows different fossils in different layers.Some fossils were formed near water; some by land. Oldest fossils found on bottom layer. Trilobites are the oldest fossil and others formed later.
Created by: dhirnickel1