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in surprise 吃惊,惊讶
in the end 最后,终于
in time 及时,来得及
instead of 代替,而不是
join in 参加,加入
join up 联合起来,联结起来
just now 现在,刚才
keep back 留下
keep doing sth 继续做某事
keep off 勿踏; 勿踩
keep on 继续(进行)
keep one's word 守信
keep up 保持; 维持; 继续
knock at at 敲
knock into sb 撞上
laugh at 嘲笑
lead to 导致,导向
let in 让……进来,放进
let out 放掉, 泄露
live on 以……为主食,靠……为生
look after 照顾
look ahead 向前看,展望未来
look down upon 看不起,轻视
look for 寻找
look forward to 盼望
look into 向……里面看去; 调查
look out 留神,当心
look through 看穿, 浏览
look up 查找
lots of 许多,大量
make a face 做鬼脸,做苦脸
make friends with 与……交朋友
make up 和解,化装
make up of 由……组成,构成
make up one's mind 下决心
millions of 成百万上千万,数以百万计
more or less 或多或少
neither...nor 既不……也不……
next to 紧接着,相邻,次于
no doubt 无疑地
no longer 不再
not any more 不再
not at all 一点也不,绝非
not only ... but also 不仅……而且……
not so...as 不像,不如
not till/until 直到……才
now and then 不时,偶尔
now that 既然
of course 当然
on average 平均,按平均数计算
on duty 值日,值班
on foot 走路,步行
on show 展出,在上演(放映)
on time 准时
on/over the radio 通过收音机
once again 再一次
once more 再一次
once upon a time 从前,很久以前
one after another 一个接一个
open up 开启;开创; 开辟
or else 否则,要不然
ought to 应该
out of breath 上气不接下气
out of order 运转不正常,出毛病
out of work 失业
over and over again 反复,多次重复
pass by 经过
pay attention to 注意
pay back 偿还(借款等)
pay for 付款
pay off 偿清(欠款等)
persuade sb. to do 说服
pick out 选出
pick up 拾起,捡起, 接收;开车去接……
point out 指出
point to 指向
prevent ... from 预防,防止, 阻止
put away 储存
put down 记下
put off 推迟
put on 穿,戴上,上演
put on a performance 演出
put on weight 发福,增加体重
put out 扑灭,关熄
put up 挂起,举起, 贴(广告等)
put up with 忍受
rather than 而不,非
refer to 提到,涉及,有关
regard... As 把……看作
ring back 回电话
ring off 挂断电话,停止讲话
ring up 打电话给
right away 立即,马上
right now 立即,马上
run away 逃跑, 失控
run out of 用完
save one's life 挽救某人生命
scores of 许多,大量
see...off 为某人送行
sell out 卖完, 出卖
send for 派人去叫(请)
send out 发出,派遣
send up 发出, 射出
sentence...to death 判处死刑
separate...from... 分开
set down 放下
set free 释放,解放
set off 动身,起程;使爆发
set out 出发; 开始
set up settle down 建立创立 定居,平静下来
show off 炫耀
side by side 肩并肩,一起
so as to 以便,为的是
so far 到目前为止
so far as (表示程度,范围)就……,尽……
so long as 只要
so...that 太……以至于……
sooner or later 迟早,早晚
speed up 加快速度
spend...on 在……花钱
stand for 代表,象征
tick to 坚持
stop doing sth 停止做某事
stop to do sth 停下来做某事
struggle against 同……作斗争
such as 例如
take away 拿走
take it easy 别着急,别紧张
take off 脱下,起飞
take one's time 从容,慢慢行动
take out 取出
take place 发生
take sb. in the arms 搂抱
take the place of 取代,代替
take up 占去,占据(时间、地位等)
talk about 谈论,议论
talk of 谈论,议论
the day after tomorrow 后天
the day before yesterday 前天
the more...the more.. 越……就越……
the other day 前几天,某日
think about 考虑(是否去做)
think of 想起,考虑;认为,看法
thousands of 成千上万,几千
throw away 扔掉
too...to 太……以至于不……
try on 试穿,试试看
try out 试验
turn down 关小,调低
turn off 关掉(水、电、电视、收音机等)
turn on 打开(水、电视、收音机、灯、煤气等)
turn over 翻动,犁翻(土地)
turn up 到达,来到;开大(声音)
up and down 上下,来回
used to sth 习惯于
used to do sth 过去常常
wait for 等候,等待
wake up 醒来
work out 算出,解决
worry about 担心,烦恼
wrap up 包好, 伪装
write down 写下,记下
write to …  写信给……
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