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LAT101 Wk1 PP

House casa, casae
food cibus, cibi
dinner cena, cenae
farmer colonus, coloni
woman femina, feminae
son filius, filii
girl puella, puellae
field ager, agri
water aqua, aquae
boy, child puer, pueri
story, fable fabula, fabulae
friend amicus, amici
daughter filia, filiae
school ludus, ludi
street via, viae
Quintus Quintus, Quinti
earth, land terra, terrae
Flaccus Flaccus, Flacci
Scintilla Scintilla, Scintillae
Argus (the dog) Argus, Argi
Horatia Horatia, Horatiae
garden hortus, horti
door ianua, ianuae
teacher magister, magistri
letter littera, litterae
shop taberna, tabernae
walk ambulo, ambulare
eat ceno, cenare
hurry festino, festinare
enter intro, intrare
work laboro, laborare
help iuvo, iuvare
praise laudo, laudare
tell narro, narrare
prepare paro, parare
carry porto, portare
greet saluto, salutare
call voco, vocare
stay, wait maneo, manere
sit sedeo, sedere
climb ascendo, ascendere
fall cado, cadere
run curro, currere
lead duco, ducere
send mitto, mittere
return redeo, redire
hear audio, audire
take care of curo, curare
approach accedo, accedere
go forward procedo, procedere
rise surgo, surgere
sleep dormio, dormire
come venio, venire
shout clamo, clamare
give do, dare
ask rogo, rogare
look at, watch speco, spectare
lie (down) iaceo, iacere
respond respondeo, respondere
say dico, dicere
buy emo, emere
put, place pono, ponere
hand over tradeo, tradere
arrive advenio, advenire
do, make facio, facere
ought, must debeo, debere
teach doceo, docere
order iubeo, iubere
decide constituo, constituere
send away dimitto, dimittere
play ludo, ludere
write scribo, scribere
want cupio, cupere
go eo, ire
go away exeo, exire
be sum, esse
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