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68WM6-Phase 2

Fluids and Electrolytes

Causes : Vomiting, Gastric Suctioning, Cushings Disease Symptoms: CNS/Cardiopulmonary dysrythmias, Musculoskeletal tremors Fixative
Causes: Starvation, Dehydration, Shock, Renal Failure, Drugs Symptoms: CNS/Cardiopulmonary dysrythmias, Musculoskeletal tremors Phosphorus (HPO4-)
Causes: Obesity, Head Injuries, Stroke, Drowning, CF, COPD Symptoms: CNS?Cardiopulmonary dysrythmias, Musculoskeletal tremors Extracellular Fluids
Causes: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Hemorrhage Symptoms: Weakness/Diziness, Poor skin tugor/Dark urine, Elevated pulse and temp, Thirst/Dry Mouth, Postural Hypotension Metabolic Alkalosis
the relative constancy of the internal environment. Naturally maintained by adaptive responses Potassium
The plasma withing the vessels. Approximately 7% of fluid volume Intravascular fluid
The main Anion of Extracellular Fluids. Alkaline. Kidney Regulated CBC
Fluid inside cells. Larger of the 2 fluid compartments Intracellular Fluid
Endoscopic Visualization of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi Hypertonic
Series of Tests regarding the peripherial blood. Calcium (Ca++)
Substance used to preserve Specimens of tissue for later examination. Respiratory Acidosis
Fluids outside the cell. Bicarbonate (HCO3)
Chief Intracellular Ion Homeostasis
Positively charged ion. 99% Bones and Teeth 1% Soft tissue and Extracellular Fluid Bronchoscopy
Solution of higher osmotic pressure that pulls fluids from the cells. Metabloic Acidosis
Hydrogen Phosphate Hypovolemia
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