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Geography Vocabulary

adaptation a change in a way of life because of living somewhere new
civil war war between two or more groups inside one country
colonialism when one country rules another area as a colony. The country has power over trade.
indigenous people people who lived in an area first, before other people took it over.
subsistence farming farming that gives food for the people who work on the farm. There is not a lot of extra to sell.
Apartheid a rule that separates people according to race.
genocide the killing of a group of people based on race, ethnicity, or religion
multiracial made up of people from many races
segregation the separation of one group of people from another, such as by race
distribution the way people or things are spread out over an area or space
coup d' etat when a government is taken over by someone
political boundaries the line between countries or states
democracy a government controlled by many people
dictatorship a government controlled by one person
United Nations (UN) a group of countries working together for peace
British Empire the United Kingdom and many places in the world they control
zionism an idea for Jewish people to return to their traditional homeland
anti-semitism hatred towards Jewish people
conflict when two people or groups have a problem
economics the study of money and the buying and selling of goods
trade the movement of goods and services between countries
free trade the movement of goods and services from country to country with little or no government control.
multinational corporation a business with offices in many different countries
globalization a making of a world where people, money, information, and goods go easily from country to country.
fair trade the movement of goods and services where the worker has good working conditions and makes enough money to live
Human Development Index (HDI) a number that shows how well people in a country live
import something that comes into country to be sold
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) all of the money made (all of the goods/services produced) in a country in one year
per capita per person/for each person
export something that leaves a country to be sold
renewable resource a resource that can’t be used up or can be replaced quickly
surface culture the part of culture that is easy to see or hear
deep culture the beliefs and ideas (the part that is not easy to see or hear).
cultural innovation change to a culture that comes from within (ideas or inventions)
cultural diffusion change to a culture that comes from another culture
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