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Stack #63894

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 10

alius, -a, -ud (note that the neuter nom. and acc. end in -ud, not -um) other, another
alius...alius one...another
aliī...aliī some...other
alter, altera, alterum the other (of two)
apud (prep.+acc.) at, near, among; at the house of
ars, artis, -ium, F. skill, art
audācia, -ae, F. boldness, courage
audāx, audācis bold, courageous
auxilium, -ī, N. aid
certus, -a, -um certain, sure
incertus, -a, -um uncertain, unsure
coepī, coepisse, coeptus began (defective verb; it occurs only in the perfect system)
custōs, -ōdis, M. gardian
doceō, -ēre, docuī, doctus teach
errō (1) wander, err
ferō, ferre, tulī, lātus bring, carry, bear, endure
afferō, afferre, attulī, allātus bring to, present
auferō, auferre, abstulī, ablātus carry away
cōnferō, cōnferre, contulī, collātus bring together, collect; compare
dēferō, dēferre, dētulī, dēlātus bring away, bring down, offer; report
differō, differre, distulī, dilātus differ
efferō, efferre, extulī, ēlātus carry out; bring forth
īnferō, īnferre, intulī, illātus carry into; inflict
offerō, offerre, obtulī, oblātus bring before; offer; expose
referō, referre, rettulī, relātus bring back, report
sufferō, sufferre, sustulī, sublātus undergo, endure
figūra, -ae, F. figure, form, shape
foedus, foederis, N. pact, treaty, agreement
fugiō, -ere, fūgī, fugitus flee
fuga, -ae, F. flight
gaudium, -ī, N. joy
gēns, gentis, -ium, F. race, people
iam (adv.) now, by this time, already, soon
iter, itineris, N. journey, route
iungō, -ere, iūnxī, iūnctus join
coniūnx, coniugis, M. or F. husband, wife, spouse
mōs, mōris, M. custom; pl., character
negō (1) deny, say no
neuter, neutra, neutrum neither
nūllus, -a, -um no, none
orbis, orbis, -ium, M. ring, orb, circle
orbis terrārum circle of lands; the world
pars, partis, -ium, F. part
propter (prep. + acc.) on account of, because of
quantus, -a, -um how much, how great
quot (indeclinable adj.) how many
signum, -ī, N. signal, sign
sōl, sōlis, M. sun
sōlus, -a, -um alone, only
tantus, -a, -um so much, so great
tantus...quantus; quantus...tantus as (so) much...as; as (so) great...as
temptō (1) try, attempt
tot (indeclinable adj.) so many
tot...quot; quot...tot as many...as
tōtus, -a, -um all, whole
ūllus, -a, -um any
ūnus, -a, -um one, alone
uter, utra, utrum which (of two)
virtūs, -tūtis, F. manliness, courage, excellence, virtue
Created by: alcarohtare