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L16 Supplementary

IVC Chinese Link Lesson 16 Supplementary Practice

短文 short article
各地 various places
欣賞 to enjoy
成立 to establish
當中 among
整整 whole
母校 the school one has attended (Alma Mater)
校友 alumnus or almuna
四面八方 all directions
專程 special trip
年齡 age
差別 difference
剛剛 just
退休 to retire
微笑 smile
充滿 to be full of
活力 vigor, energy
甚至 even
清楚 clear
感動 move, touch
同窗 schoolmate
距離 distance
消矢 disappear
時光 time
驚奇 to be amazed
從前 in the past
簡陋 simple and crude
冠軍 champion
如今 nowadays
幸福 happy
當年 in that year, at that time
樣子 appearance
招牌 shop sign
丈夫 husband
妻子 wife
孩子 child
友誼 friendship
下一代 next generation
輝煌 glorious
萬古長青 to be everlasting
Created by: linsherry
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