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Chinese 4 L11

Lesson 11 - Language in Use

被 被 Bei4 Quilt
住院 住院 Zhu4yuan4 To be hospitalized
照顧 照顾 Zhao4gu To look after, give consideration to
到底 到底 Dao4di3 At last, finally
回 回 Hui2 To return, reply
唉 唉 Ai4 (sigh of sadness or regret)
事情 事情 Shi4qing2 Matter
經過 经过 Jing1guo4 Process
肚子 肚子 Du4zi Belly
以為 以为 Yi3wei2 To think, consider
管 管 Guan3 To mind, control
拖 拖 Tuo To delay, pull, drag
厲害 厉害 Li4hai Severe
受不了 受不了 Shou4buliao3 Not be able to bear
剛好 刚好 Gang1hao3 It so happened that, just
情況 情况 Qing2kuang4 Situation
救護車 救护车 Jiu4hu4che1 Ambulance
急診室 急诊室 Ji2zhen3shi4 Emergency room
急性 急性 Ji2xing4 Acute
盲腸炎 盲肠炎 Mang2chang2yan2 Appendicitis
開刀 开刀 Kai1dao1 To perform or have an operation
動手術 动手术 Dong4 shou3shu4 To have a surgical operation
嚇死 吓死 Xia4si3 To be scared to death
手術是 手术是 Shou3shu4shi4 Operating room
擔心 担心 Dan1xin1 To worry, feel anxious
進行 进行 Jin4xing2 To be in progress
順利 顺利 Shun4li4 Smoothly
護士 护士 Hu4shi4 Nurse
推 推 Tui1 To push
病房 病房 Bing4fang2 Ward
病房 病房 Xiu1yang3 To recuperate
通知 通知 Tong1zhi1 To notify, inform
家人 家人 Jia1ren2 Family members
怕 怕 Pa4 To fear, be afraid of
敢 敢 Gan3 To dare
結束 结束 Jie2shu4 To end, finish
不要緊 不要紧 Bu2yao4jin3 It doesn’t matter
罵 骂 Ma4 To scold
頓 顿 Dun4 Measure word for meals or scolds
關心 关心 Guan1xin1 To be concerned about
可憐 可怜 kelian Pitiful, poor to take pity on
父母 父母 fumu Father and mother
請假 请假 qingjia To ask for leave
早日康復 早日康復 zaorikangfu Get well soon, speedy recovery
Created by: kevinsucks
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