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2nd Peiod Vocab

Vocabulary words for Mrs. Luker's test

To describe accurately Delineate
Extreme wickedness Nefarious
Everyday speech; slang Vernacular
Muscular Strength Brawn
To publicly brag Tout
Intenisfy; improve Enhance
Something that delays action or progress, gets in the way Hinderance
To erase or rub out Efface
Someone who eats to much or consumes to much drink; fat Glutton
a break or vacation hiatus
Grumbling; grump querulous
to create; cause engender
to destroy completely obliterate
abundant; plentiful copious
Dark, unkown, hard to understand Obscure
To praise highly Extol
eager to fight pugnacious
to calm; pacify quell
a person who is skillful with his/her hands artisan
to start a fire; ignite; arouse kindle
to confirm, back up with evidence corroborute
feeling loving, especially in a sexual sense amorous
proper; in good taste decorous
speed up process expidite
naturally peaceful idyllic
to stand side by side juxtapose
brilliant, giving off heat or light incandescent
to annoy throughouly exasperate
lacking harmony or agreement discordant
highly unstable; explosive volatile
to swell, expand distend
fertile, productive fecund
a wiseman, to be wise through experience and relfection sage
lacking ideas or intelligence vacuous
to redicule deride
to attack with words or force assail
generous, kind benevolent
to examine very carefully scruntinize
overly dramatic, histrionic
intended to teach, morally instructive didactic
charmingly rural bucolic
making ridiculous claims pertentious
easily decieved gullible
fond of partying; festive conivial
sneeky, unnoticeable discrEEt
unconnected, sperate discrEtE
to lie fabricate
to make guestures, especially when speaking gesticulate
praise, applaud laud
to go over repeatedly or to an abusrd extent belabor
to say again, repeat reiterate
a huge fire, inferno conflgration
to cause to happen induce
causing sleep; very boring sporific
lawlessnes; an absence of government or control ararchy
shrill, high pitched strident
not showing any concern or worry nonchalant
easy to shape or bend malleable
abusurd or ridiculous ludicrous
to shorten or condense abridge
Created by: cweaver_1029