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capter 7 geo

geo gilly

resource something that is useful to people
natural resource a material found in nature that has usefulness and economic value, such as trees, water, minerals
technology the use of scientific knowledge and skills for useful, practical purposes to meet the needs and goals of people
renewable resource a resource that can be replaced fairly quickly, such as forests and animals
non-renewable resource a resource that cannot be replenished once it is used up, such as fossil fuels
flow resource a resource that can be used and replenished at the same time, such as a river current or solar energy; it must be used when and where it occurs in nature
natural system a balanced network of connected parts
water cycle the natural system that creates a renewable supply of fresh water through evaporation, condensation, and precipitation
groundwater water that is under the surface of the earth and can be reached only through wells
Selective cutting companies select omly mature trees but this takes time and costes them money.
Shelterwood cutting companies clear-cut smaller areas in forests where trees are of the same general species and age. They leave small patches untouchedso they can grow back whith is also costly.
Clear-cutting companies prefer clear-cutting, claiming it is the cheapest and fastest but it is not very eco-friendly
continental shelf the shallow zone of water along the edge of the continents
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